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agoodmom 2010-10-22 10:47:04


Hi Spoorthi,

We applied for adm to Playgroup, I guess the process of calls/interviews is still on, most of the kids we saw on Thursday seemed to be for playgroup (age-wise); so they might be staggering the interviews based on level. All the best, hope you get the call.

In the interview which lasted 5-10 min, it was just simple conversation, nothing specific, they asked abt what we were looking for in a school and one two generic questions like that, nothing much.. nice, friendly atmosphere. Don't know what the 'criteria' are though.

Teju - hope you got the call..


TS 2010-10-22 11:01:09


Hi agoodmom,

Not yet.Dont know when they will call.Other schools are also issuing forms..Still confused whther to take form for GIS and brigade intl.

Deens is taking there own sweet time.There are making  very tight to take any decision.

I ll plan to wait till nxt wednesday and take call.Just worried not lose sit in other schools.




TS 2010-10-22 11:06:33


Hi Swaram,

Sorry to ask you but can u be more specific as what do u like in this school,

I visited the bal mandir on whitefield and found the place to be very small and no infrastrucature and no place to play around.I found the fees to be reasonable  but the teachers are not upto the mark.

It looked like more of old style school which are acedemic oriented.



agoodmom 2010-10-22 11:10:11


Hi Teju,

I'd suggest you go ahead and take the forms - even issuing forms is limited to one or two days in good schools. I missed applying in the first school just when I started looking coz I postponed things for 2 days!! So the cost of the adm form is what you lose. Even if one of the schools calls for an interview and shortlists, that should take off some of the tension of finding a school in the first place :) And then atleast you might be left with some options to choose from, even if the choices are limited and not necessarily your first choice.. of course you must be knowing all this, just my 2 cents :)

One of my friends admitted his son in Vibgyor, he has other friends there and (contrary to the web reviews) the parents are pretty happy abt the school, he says.


TS 2010-10-22 11:16:28


Hi Goodmom,

Any idea abt new brigade school and GIS.

I heard the vibgyor kids in whitefield behind foodworld will be closed and interested parents need to take transfer to kundanhalli branch.

So liitle doubtful abt vibgyor......may second option would be greenwood.






agoodmom 2010-10-22 11:23:21


I had an unplanned visit to SSRVM on Sarjapur Road too, just drove there while visiting other schools, found the people genuinely receptive and positive, unlike all the other schools . They were the only school that mentioned the kid could stay back at school and be taken care of till the parent picks them up in the evening (since nursery ends at abt 1pm) - so they did not seem to be money-minded in terms of charging for this.

However, I don't think we can compare this to 'regular' schools in terms of infrastructure and (maybe) teaching. To me it seemed that if one is very particular abt imbibing good values and teachings of Sri Sri, this would be an excellent option. Sadly, this is not really for some one like me, stuck in todays mad rush of consumerism and competition!


BapiC 2010-10-22 11:27:44


Correct, Vibgyor Kids will be closed and they are not taking new admissions. All students will be shifted to Vibgyor high in Kundanhalli.

I was interested in the school but no choice now. I had applied for Deens in Playgroup and havent got any calls yet. For NHG interview is on 16th. Hope to get into one of them.


agoodmom 2010-10-22 11:38:04


Hi Teju,

I had dropped Brigade off my radar, even though the school looked very good infrastructure-wise (some initial settling time for transportation/num of students etc, is expected since its new) and I've got excellent feedback on the other Brigades in terms of personal attn to kids - essentially because of its 'international' (IGCSE) syllabus and distance. I wasnt really looking for an international school atleast to start with. If this isnt an issue, I think you have some excellent options near Whitefield.

If you have Greenview on your list, why not Inventure too? I think in terms of fees they are not too different? You may know better on this.. We had visited Inventure and I remember getting very excited abt the infrastrucure and teaching, the only thing was the choice betw international and ICSE curriculum at the 8th grade - I wanted to look for CBSE schools given the option. However admissions have started some time back, dont know if they are still on. I did not look at Gopalan at all, but for folks living close by, I did hear its a good option (both natl and international ones) - other than that I havent even visited the schools. Even Gear could be an option for you (distance-wise) rt?

Sorry, I dont want to add to your confusion, just wanted to give my viewpoint..


TS 2010-10-22 12:17:19


Hey..Even I am keen only on CBSE...but there are hardly any schools in adn around whitefield.

Deens...I already applied.Whitefield Global school. Somehow not impressed and SSRVM..I have same view as u mentioned.So left with DEENS .

Greenwood fees is little less than inventure..Brigade i am still of two minds.No you arent adding to my confusion..I feel better by sharing my thoughts.

Apart from deens which school u r looking






xenthil 2010-10-22 12:19:33


Hi All,

Thanks to Vika for creating this post.

We applied for LKG. Anyone got cal from Deens for LKG?



agoodmom 2010-10-22 12:54:34


Am looking at NPS-HSR (which is a complete gamble since the seats are very limited), DPS-East apart from Deens (which is a little far for us, but hope travel time and transport will be better). Again, just my opinion, but Brigade should be a good option for u if its close (given that you even evaluated SSRVM :-) ) - have heard both Gateway and Millenium are excellent schools. Did not get direct feedback on the Whitefield one, but that way, even NPS/DPS are riding on success of one branch.. In fact, I was very keen on Brigade initially (which is a bit far for me from ORR).

I think we need atleast 4-5 schools on our final list and follow up on each as if it were our only choice :) thats the only way to get into one of them i suppose!! hopefully one of those schools finds us 'suitable' too :) Getting exhausted with this entire hunt and admission process..


udi 2010-10-22 12:57:40


 Hi freinds,

yes i have got a call from DEENS ..for LKG ... really nervous its schedule for monday at 1:30 did anyone know what interview is all abt its for parents or kids ....


pls let me know ....


udi 2010-10-22 12:59:48


 One of my freind updated me this year DEENS is selecting applications based on

 single child &  working parents

i dont know how far is correct ....



TS 2010-10-22 13:06:17


Hey udi,

@ wht time u got a call.....Still not recd a call for LKG.



lsa 2010-10-22 13:06:56


Hi All,

Here goes my story of school searching For Nursery.We stay near Kundanahalli.

Applied to :

1)Gear Innovative International :They said seats are filled up for the main school in OuterRing Road.If interested,we can move to their branch in Kundanahalli and secure admission.That is only a montessori branch and after that they were planning to open a new one in Whitefield.So we opted out of it after the interaction.You could try this if you are interested,

2)VIBGYOR HIGH-Marathahalli: Secured admission for 2011 after the interview.We paid the fees as well  last week here.

3)NCFE-Bellandur : Called us yesterday for the interview.We opted out as #2 seemed to be better.This is a new branch.Easy to get admissions.

4)Deens-Most preferred school based on web reviews..Applied for PlayGroup.No call yet.

5)NPS Indiranagar -We took the form and filled it up.I know we dont stand a chance of an interview call here,anyway.

I think now we are left with VIBGYOR  only.Based on web reviews,Deens was ranked higher in our list ,but I guess ,we should be happy with what we have got.

Teju,Pls call Greenwood asap if you are interested.When I called them in September,they asked us to come to Schoold directly if we are interested.




udi 2010-10-22 13:24:47


Hi  Teju,

Dont ask yaar to get a  call from Deens feels like god has blessed you .. after all those hungama on application forms & submisson we have completley lost the hope on it .. but i got a  call from them yesterday .... they have called us on Monday ..

really anxious n scared on interview what it will be all about....

how  abt which all places u got a call

today a hour back i also got a call from vibgour ....


vika 2010-10-22 16:18:33


hi all...

went for the interview. was quite nervous abt the whole proces..

anyways in the end it was just so easy. we were in the room for about 5-7 minutes. as soon as we entered the room my kid started playing with the toys and books. which was a positive thing. after that they asked us why we chose deen's and then wat we expect out of the school. thats abt it.. then some casual questions just one or two. we were done.. they said "we are very happy to have u join the deen's family '.

thats it.. and this is for toddlers. so i guess her seat was already confirmed even before they met us. the waiting period is only for playgroup i guess.

anyways just wanted to write the exp. for those of you who are selected CONGRATS.

For those of you who havent got a call still , i guess you have to wait till WED. thats wat the receptionist said.. that they are still calling PG and it wil happen till Wednesday. So good luck !


lsa 2010-10-22 16:40:19


Hi Vika,


Congrats and Thanks for your  update.We will wait till Wednesday and see what happens.




Bloom 2010-10-22 17:15:27


Got a call from Deen's. They said "We are processing your kids form". Results will be announced on 29th of October. I asked then whether I should pay admission fee on the day. They said "Selection or Rejection will be send through mail on that day". Did anyone get call like this?




TS 2010-10-22 17:20:22


Hi Bloom,

Not recd any such call..It is for which class?



Bloom 2010-10-22 17:32:12



We are seeking for Play Group.




mrahul 2010-10-22 17:46:16


I also recieved a similar call for my kid. Maybe they have postponed the admission process to Friday.


agoodmom 2010-10-22 20:00:55


We got such a call too - I think they made it a point to inform everyone since initially they said they would get back in a day or two, now will finalize only by Friday.



mrahul 2010-10-23 17:43:33


I believe some kids have already got admission in Deens. I guess the kids they called yesterday are on waiting list as of now :(


agoodmom 2010-10-23 23:28:24


mrahul, thanks for the update.. could you pl give some more details if you know of parents who secured admission and had to pay the fees?  Is this for playgroup? we had the interview  and got a call that they will give make the final announcement only on Friday (29th)..

Teju.. hope u got the call..


mom2 2010-10-24 12:02:39


still waiting for a call forL.K.G..Did anyone else got it........


SWARAM 2010-10-24 18:25:47



I meant the SSRVM which is located near Sarjapur Road is really very Good.I dont know about the onewhich is  near the Forum Value mall  Whitefield.

the Sarjpur SSRVM is quite big, located in its own land, silent, natural and most importantly the Teachers are really very nice,dedicated, loving etc.That's what it matters to every mom.affiliated to CBSE.

I've been to others Schools also, let me not name the same, But I found all of them commercial, Artificial even the infrastructure only for name sake .To Show of.

Here in SSRVM, a sense of fear is instilled in Teachers as it belongs to Sri Sri.

My daughter enjoys the Sch and I have no problem with the Sch.




SWARAM 2010-10-24 18:27:26


SSRVM--SARJAPUR BRANCH--080 65835659, 9880061341.


mrahul 2010-10-24 23:34:57


Hi goodmom, Yes, some parents did get a call and they have been asked to pay the fees for admission. I know that for a fact, you can check with the school as well and in case you get to know of anything else please let me know too.



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