gnan shrishti school of excellence in hosur layout -review needed

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options 2010-10-09 15:22:42


hi, i need information for pre-nursery admission details abt the fee structure and academy wise. kindly requesting to share the information  .

options 2010-10-11 15:29:18


thanks .  i visited the school today ,  somehow i had to drop this school from my mind as they are not assuring transportation facilities ,as we stay in jayanagar. As it is new school they have van facility till btm. i feel they stiil have long way to come up.


hmnshu 2010-10-11 16:10:19


@options Thanks for the 2nd opinion. I was almost on the verge of letting rajkris influence my decision.

@rajkris <quote> I feel I am on top of the world by putting my kid  in this school. </unquote> But you've already put two of your kids in this school, remember? ( How come you're talking about only one kid now? Are you not euphoric about putting the other kid in the school? Very strange, and very fishy I must say


options 2010-10-11 21:59:59


you can have a look at the school it is mediocre . The way they have shown in the website and after visiting the school it is not appealing and same as i assurance on trasportation  only if they have more students from a particular area then they provide the service. but they have swimming pool where they teach right from ukg and the school started just ,this year and they have students upto class 4. you can try for cambridge school as it is right next to gynan....... and this is reputed aso and more established. or jss public school pn hsr layout.


hmnshu 2010-10-12 11:29:35


@options Thank you for the info. I had almost zeroed in on this school, and was planning a visit this week. I have heard that Cambridge is not what it used to be earlier. It used to be a very good school but the quality has degraded of late. Do keep posting and share which school you decide upon ultimately. Good luck.


hmnshu 2010-10-21 12:18:58


Yes, I did notice the disappearance

But now, a fresh new page, added by the same guy, has come up:

And this time he's got someone called Gaurav to heap praises on the school.


options 2010-10-25 19:15:58


hi , have you shortlisted any schools. i am trying for Sudarshan vidya mandir , St Pauls and DPS south .for my son pre nursery admission. clarence school i ruled out as the tution fee is  bit high. how old is you daughter /son? keep me posted


hmnshu 2010-10-26 17:19:40


Unfortunately, no  Not yet. My son is 3 years and a month now. I think your son would be more or less of the same age. I was trying for Christ Academy, but got to know that they're done with the admissions, for the time being. They may possibly reopen the admission process again in January, so I'll definitely try then. Was really keen on this school as I have got only positive feedback about it. And the infrastructure is fabulous, they best I have seen yet, in Bangalore. Moreover, the location is also very nice, sans any pollution, either noise or smoke. Fees too is very reasonable. 

Apart from that, I'll be trying in Bethany High next month. And DPS South, like you have done. Need to go there to submit the application form. 

Regarding St Paul's, I somehow found the infrastructure quite lacking, and as such, have not applied for that. I have heard that they have started interviewing prospective students. 

Two other schools that I did not dislike when I visited them, are Radcliffe and Sherwood High on Bannerghatta Road. But they are quite far off, very far in fact. 

I am also planning to try in the traditional convent schools, Baldwin's, Bishop Cotton, Cathedral, etc. when they open their admission process in January. 

Where are you put up? I stay off Bommanahalli.


sanjivg 2010-11-16 14:39:52


Hi Hmnshu,

Please keep us posted about Bishop cotton girls and Baldwin girls when you are able to get more info on them.


ben10barbie 2012-11-24 06:43:04 child goes to GSE,HSR layout. I'm not happy  rather most of the parents r not happy due to lack of well trained teachers. they speak  poor english.Teachers doesnt know how to handle ukg kids.They think they r teaching some high school kids.More burden on parents..Principle is good but they have to hire good teachers as well.The campus is good in a good locality. if they provide best teachers i'm dam sure it will become the best school.without proper GURU u cant expect much from school.Hope school authorities concentrate more on this issue.


gannamani 2014-04-27 14:36:38


hi, can anyone give me feedback on gnan srishti school? I found the school good and principal is very nice. I am looking for admission for my son who is 4yrs. he needs special attention as his motor skills are slow. the school promised to take special attention. they have 1:24 student teacher ratio. but I don't know anyone who send their kids to this school and only reviews would help me to decide. I found their fee is very high. I found Floretz in HSR to be a very good Montessori. so please suggest me which would be a better option for my kid - gnan srishti or Floretz.

gunns 2014-04-27 15:01:20


hi all,

I am looking for admission for my daughter and son. I searched all schools in hsr and found gnan srishti to be good. principal is very nice. school campus and classrooms are very good. the extra activities they promised like swimming, music, dance, skating  are good.  every kid has to attend all the activities in a week.

but I found their fee is on par with any established school (35K adm +60K tuition). how established is this school because I found very less students going to this school and did not hear any review from any neighbor on this school. every one says I don't know. the school is located in the centre of HSR with a very good campus and how cum no one knows? I am confused whether to join or not because with 2 kids it will cost me 2lakhs first year and I cannot change school if it is not good because the fee once paid will not come back.

this bulleting board is the only help I have .so parents who are sending kids to GSSE pls suggest me how is the standard of the school? Is the management money minded? Are they maintaining the

teachers quality? Especially how is the teaching for higher classes because this is  a ICSE school and syllabus will be tough after 5th standard. If the teaching is good and child given special attention and there is a progress on the child after joining the school then I can pay 2lakhs. But before admitting my kids I want to make double sure that quality of the school is good.

your reply will help me most.

thank u


arunkraj 2014-11-07 11:48:29


I am pretty happy with the school and I find my kid enjoying this school. In terms of safety I would recommend it. My kid has been going here for the past 3 years and we are really happy to have put her here. There are 2 teachers per class and teacher student ratio is also good.

kalpanavinod 2019-01-14 10:56:46


the queries you have mentioned a while ago are the same queries i have , is the school  teaching optimum are teachers good, what is the general opinion of this school 


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