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RAMK 2010-10-07 15:13:24



Myself from chennai looking for my sons admission in good school i had raised my queries abt schools for which i have reced any reply. Can anyone guide abt Lawrence School HSR Layout or any other schools in marthahalli  or in frazer town awaiting parents reply in this regard asp thanks all


vinukushnidh 2010-10-20 13:48:47


Both my children are studying at Lawrence School and I am extremely happy with the Head Mistress Ms. Parvathi, Principal Mr. Subbaiah, Ms. Pushpa Subbaiah from the management, the teachers and the healthy & caring atmosphere in the school. Individual attention for the students will be taken from the teachers. So soon the school has got interactive boards for each class room. Everytime we visit the school, we see a lot of improvements happening.The fee structure is also nominal compare to other schools. Management is open for suggestions My kids are enjoying. Whenever we visit the school, we could see a beautiful smile from the whole staff.I feel it is worth sending the children to this school.


KopaisDad 2010-10-20 15:26:17




I shall be relocating to Blore in Dec. And this is my first time in Blore.

I've a few queries on Lawrence School.


- My daughter shall be 4+ in April'2011. Can I also try to connect to the Lawrance school?

- Is this CBSC or ICSC?

- How far is LSR layout from Dumlur, CVRaman Nagar locality?

- What is the admission form giving date in Lawrence?



Thanks in advance,





KopaisDad 2010-10-20 15:30:56


Sorry to disturn once again. I'm seeing two Lawrance School :

 - 9th Main, 6th Sector, HSR Layout,

 - #315, 8th Block, 2nd C Main, Koramangala


Which one?




RAMK 2010-10-20 17:52:31


Lawrence School discussed above is in HSR layout. Application forms are given once the child clears the entrance test. There will be entrance test in English & Maths (for 2nd & 3rd standard).


KopaisDad 2010-10-21 16:14:46


Thanks. RAMK.




Madhes 2010-10-25 17:02:17


Hi "vinukushnidh". Thanks for the info. Good to know about Lawrence positively. This is one among the decent-fee-structure I have seen.

I am trying to put my son there. Just wanted to know the facilities there (esp. the play ground). How do you feel on that front?

Also, I heard that the school has some issues with BBMP on few things.. do you know anything on that?


Poorni86 2014-06-23 10:42:41


Can anyone suggest how is Lawrence School in HSR Layout. As i would be joining my daughter for next 2015 for LKG. 


govindblr 2014-09-09 11:03:41


     Lawrence school would be a worse choice to go with. The student ratio is 1:30 for LKG and 1:40 for UKG. The English communication would be poor, no focus on individuals, you will not know the teaching method they follow even after several months of academic year. Some times they punish the students making them to stand in class for 2-3 hours for small mistakes. They will never correct the mistakes in the books regular. You being parent will have to work very hard to teach the syllabus in the books.. Every week they will ask the kid to come with sports dress but there will be no sports activities. In my view the kids up to 8-10 years require good attachment to the teacher and you will find this hard in Lawrence.. The best part is fee is low compared to all the schools, but you will spoiling the kids happiness by joining Lawrence. If you go complain that the teacher in not taking care, instead of correcting change you kid will start experiencing the revenge from teacher like not even bothering in class, does not talk to kid etc.. For smart generation kids, this school is a punishment

govindblr 2014-09-09 11:05:02


Mr. Subbaiah told us the the student teacher is 1:20, but the reality is 1:40 for UKG, imagine for higher class sections...

Poorni86 2014-09-09 12:21:34


Hi Govind,
Thanks for informing me about this school. Is your kid studying in this school? 
Which is the best school you would suggest in HSR layout? Plz do suggest if you know any good schools around HSR with ICSE syllabus.


bellarym 2014-09-30 22:07:53


I am a parent of two children studying at Lawrence, UKG and 3rd Std., and i am shocked at your remarks. Our daughter has been there for six years, and we have had the best experience with teachers and management. Some problems were there, (all school have)  but were quickly sorted. When we compare with our cousins in Hebbal, in  expensive ,best schools, our kids are much smarter and have more extra curricular activities. They are very happy to go to school (don't want to miss a day ) as lots of competitions . management  takes a lot of interest so why don't you take this issue to them . Subbaiah is very approachable and helpful . Wednesday colors are only to associate with their House , I don't think whole school only comes out on Wednsday .  They have Music , Dance  Karate  PT , excellent results and concentrate a lot on speaking skills . I am confident Lawrence school will be among the best schools of Bangalore. We refused a transfer to keep our kids in Lawrence so try to solve your problem.

anilhari 2014-10-01 09:54:07


Hi , 
I agree with everything Prakash says . Lawrence is a good school by any standards . Teachers are involved , Bus drivers are reliable .
Kids are happy to go to school . High School teachers are ICSE examiners so you can be sure of the standard of teachers . Fees are reasonable . Results are excellent .
 Im happy my girl has learned a lot , is confident . There are monthly PT meetings.
Wife goes . Nowadays , world is full of complications , we should try to equip our children to face . In this , I have full respect for Lawrence School in the way they coach the students .

Poorni86 2014-10-01 12:18:07


Thanks to Anil and Prakash for giving your feedback here!
I wanted to meet some of the parents near the school in person to check the reviews about the school. I am more interested with this school because this is the only near by school which will be convenient for my daughter when considered wrt commute. 
I need to do the admission for my daughter for LKG next year 2015-16. Thanks for your valuable suggestions. 

sara10 2014-10-03 16:32:03


My son is studying in well developed school where the teacher ratio is 1:45 in L.K.G but there is no review for that,but Lawrence ratio is 1:30 in L.K.G and U.K.G. I am sure that Lawrence is very particular about the teacher student ratio. Lawrence students passed out with a good percentage. Even many hidden talents of the students were brought out by Lawrence.

sara10 2014-10-03 16:38:11


According to my knowledge no schools has the teacher student ratio 1:20. Can you just give me the school name where the ratio is 1:20.
Lawrence is the one school where Management is very particular about each Lawrencian. It takes care of each child as their own kid. They respect the parents feeling. No school gives respect for the parents thought and suggestions. Lawrence considers each and every suggestions of parents.

Ravib123 2014-11-19 12:22:13


Hi Prakash,
I am will be moving to bangalore from Hyderabad in jan and looking for admissions for my kids for LKG and UKG for year 2015-2016. Can you throw some more light on the school as i am interested in the school but want to be 100% sure of the school before taking the final call.
Thanks a lot......


Ravib123 2014-11-20 17:39:49


Hi  anilhari,
Can you plese share your contact details so that i can call to get some details of the school as i am very much interested in this school.


rkumar6 2014-12-01 21:00:44


We went to Lawrence school HSR layout for my sons admission into nursery(pre kg) for June 2015 academic year.
School infrastructure is nice,  they have projectors (e white boards) almost in every class room.  Class rooms are large enough and well ventilated.  They have sand pit and all the necessary playing items.   School is neat and tidy.

Admin people are quite decent and answered every queries. they said 50% seats are filled.  Fee structure they shared as follow:

45000  one time donation
5000 maintenance charges pa
application charges  2500 one time
monthly tution fee  2100 monthly form June 2015
transportation around 1200 (depends on the locality you come from)

I felt the fees is quite decent,  as almost every school we enquired around BTM, Jayanagar, JP nagar are charging nearly 1 lakh or above it as donation.

The interview is also quite simple.  Just walkin into school into the admin office they will send you into MD room after writing your name, qualification and work place (of both husband and wife).   MD has asked us  our name's, qualification's and work place.  He asked our kid what is your name?   But out of shy he laughed and did not answered.  We cannot expect more than that from a 2.2 yrs kid.  MD has given us admission.  
We went to one of a old school in BTM for interview,  they rejected our kid because he did not tell his name. 

Quite simple,  NO need to fill big 5 pages applications and give many xerox copies of vaccination charts,  etc., as many fancy schools are asking only to create a hype for their school.  To show the world: that it is very tough to get into their school.

I went after two days after and paid the donation 50000 + application charges 2500 and confirmed the seat.(only cash).  They have asked us to come on march ending for purchase of uniform and books.

At last my search for school ended like this :-)  I believe strongly i have have made a wise decision.  I expect the school management to do their best.


hara 2015-01-26 13:36:03


Hi there are schools near koramangala, hsr who are taking similiar money

1) st francis (SFS) koramangala
fees structure mentioned below:
 one time fee : 50,000.00 ( donation, they will give you receipt, u can pay by check, all white)
for nursery to lkg :
32,700 pa
2) ukg: 40,900.00 pa
3) std 1 to std 3 : 38,700.00
4) std 4 to 6: 40,400.00
5) std 7 to 9 : 42,200.00
6)For 10th : 43,200.00.

Chinmaya vidyalaya @ Koramangala 4th block ICSC)
donation 25000.00
and tution fees similiar to abobe and just deduct 3-4 thousands from the above fees. all you have to pay in white, no black.

so please dont write all are taking 1lacks, JSS, Freedom international too does not take  that much money.

haramohan sahu


pavand 2015-02-04 20:37:13


I have enquired about Lawrence high school and found that it has ICSE syllabus. Could anyone please tell me if ICSE is good or CBSE is good? Also parents who joined their kids in this school, please share your experiences.


NivasD 2015-02-19 14:17:08


Hello All,

My two cents.
I have visited more than 10 schools for my daughter's admission into Nursery. This includes NPS, FIS, Cambridge, Gnan Srishti, JSS, Bethany, Lawrence etc.
We chose Lawrence for various reasons. I have plenty to say about all other schools, reach out to me personally if you would like to hear my feedback.
One best reason why we chose Lawrence is, most of the students we see at Lawrence seems very happy to go to school (trust me this is not the case with some of the other schools. I don't want to take any specific names) and looked quite confident. The Principal and the office staff were simply awesome.



hara 2015-02-20 12:14:44


Lawrence school :
it takes 45000 as donation in 2015  as Cash( one time fee). They don't give ant receipt for it. I personally met principal who is arrogant, 
5000.00 as developemnt fee every year.

and 2500.00 as form.  school dress and bokks extra which is normal. School is ok compared to money we are paying.

problem in school: is not wel ventilated, they dont have play ground and for nursery, in the  school basement small area is there.

fees structure
1) for nursery = per month around 2000.00 , lkg& ukg = 2500.00 perhasp, std 3 = 3500.00 - to 4000.00
It is not a very good not very bad. Those who are writing  very good , i am surprised.

NivasD 2015-02-23 14:28:58


School is located on the main road with three way roads connecting to it. I don't think ventilation is an issue at all when you have 3 sides open to the road, the 4th side that is backside of the school is directly connected to a big play ground where school children plays ( I have visited this, I am not sure if it is a BBMP ground but I believe they have an agreement in between them). 
Nursery and LKG sections are in the basement so as principal's office. Very safe for little children and the play area for them is well ventilated and secured as it is on a sand pit. 
Related to the arrogance of the principal, I am surprised as we have NOT faced any such issue and we were received very well and given good amount of time for any questions etc. They even offered chocolates to my kid be it principal or office staff and they tried playing with her too. I had visited the school for the first time and i did not carry any references too.
As last point, everyone will have their own perception. But yes Lawrence is not a SO CALLED big school where you don't even get to meet the admin department forget about meeting principal.
As of now, I feel i made the right choice as there is more to explore once my kid goes to the school. 

dickson 2015-03-21 22:49:38


I vouch the above comment.

My kid is studying in 1st grade. In my view the quality of the school is average and the standard of education is absolutely value for the money.

Me and my wife have to spend minimum 2 hours a day to teach the kid.
Though the syllabus is advanced, the teachers are not trained or qualified enough to teach the basics.

Our kid has always scored over 90% all along. Had we not put the effort he might have secured 40 to 50%, which we have experienced once. Hence the role played by the teachers are very minimal.

Lots of work is given in the name of project, which the parents have to do on daily basis.
Teachers never used to give importance for spoken English as they themselves are not good at English. Height of the problem is that the teacher used tick the notebook exactly over the mistakes. Needless to blame them for what has happened. But the Management has to be blamed for selecting them.

Parents Teachers meetings are of eye wash for the performing students, as we always keep hearing that your kid is doing good, hence no need to worry. If we ask the teacher to give importance for spoken English, she used to say that the kid will improve over course of time.

Root cause of all:
1. Student to teacher ratio is huge (1:30+), hence teachers can't give individual care for every students.
2. Teachers are not well skilled to teach ICSE curriculum.

In order to overcome the problem, the management has to join hands with the parents to invigilate the teachers during class to improve their teaching quality.

Best Regards,
Good Samaritan

hara 2015-03-25 15:54:48


Hi, I agree with vinukushnidh.

This is not the story of Lawrence School, it is the same story where school fees  annually is within 60-70 k.


ginu 2015-06-30 10:30:53


Hi Nivas, could you please provie your contact information. i am looking for schools in HSR layout for my daughter in LKG. (I heard Vibgyor, Cambridge and Lawrence are good ICSE schools in this area). thanks Ginu.

kannan611 2016-09-24 20:44:14


Hi All,

I am relocating to Bangalore next month due to job change. I am considering staying in HSR layout and searching for schools here. Could you let me know the best schools in proximity?

Nivas - Could you please share your contact details? I would like to know more about Lawrence School.


2624 2016-10-05 19:00:11


Hi, Can anyone provide me the age criteria to join LKG 2017- 2018 in Lawerence school HSR layout. And what will be the fees structure. TIA!!!

mj202 2016-10-07 12:42:16


NivasD - Could you please share your contact details? I would like to know your feedback on a few schools that you have mentioned, NPS and Bethany in particular. Thanks!


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