St Joseph Boys High School 2019-20 LKG Admissions - Bangalore

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19SBM 2019-03-05 19:58:41


Even I am under big question mark

0112ibbu 2019-03-05 23:53:56


St. Germaine school admission open, icse syllabus, frazer town, same place there is st. John's school.. But admissions closed, cathedral school and Baldwin's admission open.

19SBM 2019-03-06 12:19:45


Have anyone got the chance to meet principal

ArunaRaju 2019-03-06 13:50:18


Did u attended the meeting.? What did say

Sanvy12 2019-03-06 15:03:30


Anyone got call whoever went for that meeting?

Sanvy12 2019-03-06 15:16:35


I have not taken admission forms still they will give admission......and is there vacancies for ukg?

19SBM 2019-03-06 15:29:06


Not sure abt getting admissions No calls received yet

Sanvy12 2019-03-07 15:59:41


Anyone went to st Joseph today? Or got any call for interview?

123paren 2019-03-07 16:33:00


how many have got admit letter?

19SBM 2019-03-07 17:37:19


No calls till now

Sanvy12 2019-03-07 18:18:24


Can anyone tell me about the review of Baldwin boys and are the taking every year admission for ukg?

Ram043 2019-03-08 10:12:27


St Joseph indian primary school is better then Baldwin...

19SBM 2019-03-08 15:25:17


Its a cbse or state syllabus

Sanvy12 2019-03-08 16:18:48


Nis 2015 what you have done about your bcbs seat....?

Sanvy12 2019-03-08 16:20:15


Nis2015 you got in sent Joseph?

nis2015 2019-03-10 18:11:33


Sanvy12.. Not yet got in josephs.. Ths week if I get i well let u know.. Jst waitng without hope

nis2015 2019-03-10 18:12:40


Sorry fr sch late reply... I didn check..pls send me ur contct

Sanvy12 2019-03-11 13:08:39


Today anyone got call from Joseph?

ArunaRaju 2019-03-11 13:57:11


No.. Did you got the call?

19SBM 2019-03-11 14:20:24


No we didnt

Sanvy12 2019-03-11 14:38:24


No. ... Very much worried........ which will be next best option

19SBM 2019-03-11 14:42:39


Can try for germian i am planing for nxt yr in st.Francis

Sanvy12 2019-03-11 17:43:11


Where is St Francis?

Sanvy12 2019-03-11 17:43:47


Is it good?.....and what are the fees structure?

19SBM 2019-03-11 19:19:16


Francis is in Madiwala. Fees structure same as Josephs

Sanvy12 2019-03-11 20:53:43


Education wise is it good? And sports?

19SBM 2019-03-12 12:31:05


@Sr21. No calls till now @Sanvy i heard that its is good in both.I had visited the campus its good

Sanvy12 2019-03-12 15:53:41


Till now no calls.....

ArunaRaju 2019-03-13 11:58:42


Yes No calls till now , planning to visit on Friday or Saturday to meet principal. @Sanvy12, st. Francis is also good and it is near Kormangala 4th block. Education wise good not sure about the sports


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