Can anyone pl guide me??

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suvanisairam 2010-10-05 13:51:26


Dear Parents,

Hi. Am new to this forum & was very much impressed when I saw reviews, discussions relating to parenting.

Am put up on Bannerghata Road, & Am planning to enroll my kid to some premier school from next academic. He is in Mont 1 now. Can anyone suggest good school which has Montessori method of teaching till atleast 1st standard. Iam keen about 2 schools right now. PSBB & Samhitha Academy. Does anyone these 2 schools, have Montessori method of teaching? Can anyone post reviews about these 2 schools?

Thanks in advance.

Rubu 2010-10-05 21:39:20


i dont know much , in the same boat.. however you hv not mentioned how old is your son.

I m also keen on mont method and wouldnt be using expensive schools but small ones till 1st std.

after that i wud try for any of the big schools.



Shruthi 2010-10-06 10:02:17



I am likely to shift to BG road this month and my son is in Mont 2 in Little Feat, Koramangala.  I have done a bit of hunting around BG road and found that Learning Tree Montessori at BTM 2nd Stage (Just off BG Road) trains kids in the Montessori method uptill the 1st Std level.  I found the school pretty spacious and well maintained.

You can look up for more details.

Hope it helps.



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