Admissions to NPS (National Public School) ITPL

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debasis1 2019-04-07 13:14:33


Hi, is this group for parents after admission is done or parents can join after application only?

Dangwalaarti 2019-04-12 16:55:40


Is there a Whatsapp group for NPS ITPL?

debasis1 2019-04-15 16:05:46


Hi, my kid got admission in Mont-1. Want to join the whatsapp group. This link is not working. Can you please share the latest link?

soupau 2019-04-15 16:58:40


share me your number?

debasis1 2019-04-15 18:13:16


Mobile no : 9900349757

Subhro80 2019-04-15 18:15:50


Please add me too: +919052220478

Dangwalaarti 2019-04-15 19:41:08


Please add me too:


Thank you.

Dangwalaarti 2019-04-15 20:40:21


My kid joined LKG.. and the whatsapp group link does not work.
if there is any whatsapp group Please add me too:


Thank you.

debasis1 2019-04-19 13:20:37


Hi, my kid got admission in Mont-1. Want to join the whatsapp group. This link is not working. Can you please share the latest link? Mob : 9900349757

Dipps123 2019-04-23 14:34:37


Add me also

Dipps123 2019-04-23 14:39:17


Add me also 9590574136. My child is going to grade 2 A any parents who kids is going to grade 2

Vineethtv 2019-04-28 22:56:54


Hi, Our kid got admission in NPS ITPL Mont-1. Can you please add my number 9972308966 to Whats app group

Mehtaa 2019-05-11 12:08:55


Can u plz tell me thw fee structure for mont-1. Can we pay in intallments?TIA

ziaj 2019-05-14 14:30:54


Mont - 1
Tuition fees - 1.4 lakhs
Transport 0-5kms - 26k 
Uniform - 5k
Books/ Stationary - 5k


Arzu 2019-05-29 08:54:44


Pls add my no to whatsapp group: 7996421566

Sathvi 2019-06-08 08:24:18


Please add me to the group. My daughter is in Mont 3. My what's app number is 9842960428

rameshperumal 2019-09-14 11:32:27


Hi, I have applied mont-1 for my kid 2020-21 in NPS ITPL waiting for call. How is the school? Is it worth paying so much money (1.4L I guess)? Lake Montfort school is near my house. Should I stick to NPS or should I try LM? Please advise

rameshperumal 2019-09-14 11:34:36


Yes I have applied for mont-1. Waiting for the call

Niharika11 2019-09-15 09:41:00


@rameshperumal for we had applied for UKG on Friday and the assessment was done at NPS ITPL yesterday morning. Also FYI lake Montfort has no admission available for class UKG till 6th for next year as not seats are available.

Niharika11 2019-09-15 09:43:25


Can any one give review for NPS ITPL and which is better NPS ITPL or Whitefield? Who's kids are already going.

rameshperumal 2019-09-15 22:49:12


@Niharika11 - Thanks for your feedback. I am waiting for the assessment call from NTPS ITPL for Mon-I.
Admissions will open at Lake Montfort for PreKG, LKG and some vacancies for 4th & 5th Grade by Nov. Let me give a try for this too..

Niharika11 2019-09-24 08:02:38


Can anyone provide feedback for NPS ITPL, we need to pay fees in next 7days if we want to take admission, hence want a feedback out of vagdevi, NPS Whitefield, NPS ITPL which one will be better. Does NPS makes the kid study 2 much?

rameshperumal 2019-09-24 09:27:17


Niharika11 - Choose a school within 3km from home so that kids don't feel fatigue due to extensive travel. NPS Itpl and Whitefield are newly started schools and it's too early to judge which is better but since this is NPS brand, hoping to get same educational quality in par with other core NPSs. Vagdevi is pretty decent school, can opt if it is nearer. I am waiting for result from NPS ITPL for mont-1 for my kid. Probably I will be in the same situation as you after result is out. I also checked mount litera zee school and they seem to be good particularly for toddlers and fees is lesser than NPS. Can try if it is near to home.

ziajunaidi 2019-09-24 13:13:39


For which class?

123shona 2019-09-24 16:36:54


Anyone got admission confirmation after interaction for nursery/mont1 from nps itpl?

rameshperumal 2019-09-24 18:12:09


@123shona - We had interaction for mont-1 on 18th Sep, still waiting for the confirmation email from NPS ITPL. When was your interaction done?

123shona 2019-09-24 22:44:27


@rameshperumal our was on 14th sep.

mahendrap 2019-09-27 20:27:12


Will 2020-21 be the first session for NPS, ITPL campus or current session 2019-20 is operational for all classes? can anyone answer?


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