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kavyar 2018-10-28 16:20:45


Hi, Any info about when the admission process will start at Christ academy for the next academic year 2019-20 for Grade 1? I'm trying to reach their office over phone. But none of their numbers are getting connected. Can someone share the number?

sandip1sahoo 2018-10-29 13:09:43


Hi Kavyar,
Here the Ph No:
Phone: 088844 44461
Can you please check with them .
Are you looking out for ICSE or CBSE??

I called them up on this phone for ICSE admission for Class 1. But it seems the registration has not yet started.

Can you please talk to them as well and share the info.


kavyar 2018-10-29 13:35:57


Hi Sandip, As they were not available over phone, I visited their campus today. They said admissions for Grade 1 would start in the first week of December. They also said an entrance test would be conducted to the child on UKG syllabus and depending on the performance of the child, he/she is put into CBSE or ICSE. I want to opt for CBSE though. But seems like we won't be having the option. Thiswhat they told me. Will again check back in the last week of November. Kavya.

sandip1sahoo 2018-10-29 14:17:40


HI kavyar,

I sent a mail to Chirst Academy. They replied the registration will start in December.
But I will  visit the school in November as well.
Yes, I had heard that they will do a written test. Even I have heard that there will be an interview as well.
Will be in touch with the school.
Thanks a lot. Will share more if I get further communication.


kavyar 2018-11-28 17:48:26


The school is issuing applications for Grade 1 on December 11th, 12th and 13th between 9:30AM to 1:00PM. The application fee would be Rs 200/-

lithuvaan 2018-11-28 19:18:12


Hi all,
I'm also trying for Grade I admission in Christ Academy for my son. Can some one please share the admission process for the same. 

Thanks for the update on the application forms Kavya.

~ Priya


kavyar 2018-11-28 21:09:51


Hi Priya, We need to register on the above dates and an entrance test will be conducted for the kid on UKG syllabus. They said they'll give the date of exam while registering. Based on the kid's performance the kid will be put in ICSE or CBSE. This is what they told me when I visited their campus. I'm not sure about the interview.

lithuvaan 2018-11-29 11:34:50


Thanks Kavya! 

Is the selection process random or will be based on the written test results? any idea?

Rayhaan1632 2018-11-29 12:44:08


hi kavya R u sure they ll provide application form on said date?wen i mailed,they said to contact ofyc on dec month,tats it...

kavyar 2018-11-29 13:06:38


Priya, they said it's based on the written test results.

kavyar 2018-11-29 13:08:16


Rayhaan, I visited the school yesterday and a lady from the reception said they would give the applications on 11,12 and 13th.

lithuvaan 2018-11-29 14:12:21


Kavya, Thanks once again...Glad the written test results are considered in the selection process.

Rayhaan, I too had called the school about the applications and got dec 11th, 12th and 13th as date to collect the forms.

Rayhaan1632 2018-11-29 14:48:27


Hi,as am from arekere,i used to mail to school regarding admission from october,not yet visited school... thank u so much kavya and priya for date its all in our kids hand and god grace...all the best evryone for selection,will meet u all on 11th of dec..thank u once again guys

Rayhaan1632 2018-11-29 16:27:57


Anyone knows fee structure for icse curriculum?

kavyar 2018-11-30 12:37:00


When I asked about the fee structure, they said they haven't decided yet.. So I asked for last year's fee, and they said last year it was 75k admission fee and 55k was tuition fee.. So it might be a little higher this year.

Rayhaan1632 2018-11-30 13:39:21


Oh good.the fees was reasonable .excluding books and uniforms..

kavyar 2018-11-30 16:34:00


Yes it's very reasonable compared to many schools.

lithuvaan 2018-12-06 10:35:22


Hi parents,
I have heard the education is good in Christ Academy. Do they give importance to Play Time as well? Any idea on their curriculum or teaching methods? 

Pavan451 2018-12-07 12:22:26


HI parents,

Can someone please share the Fee Structure for the Pre-KG 2019-20.

lithuvaan 2018-12-11 09:41:17


Hi all,
Submitted the admission forms for Grade I today. Few questions :
1. will the entrance exam have kannada questions in it? my son hasn't learnt kannada in his pre-primary syllabus.
2. Kid must have completed 6yrs as on 31st May 2019 is another condition, my son is august born will the application be considered or they are very strict with the age.
3. Circular said the II language will be kannada only.. Will they have hindi in later grades or just kannada all through?

please help me out. 

lithuvaan 2018-12-11 09:45:57


Will they have any other date for the entrance exam? My son has annual day on Dec 15th.

kavyar 2018-12-11 13:34:42


Hi Priya(if I'm not wrong), I'm planning to get the application tomorrow. I'll find out about Kannada. Is it only the written test or interview would also be conducted? Any idea?

lithuvaan 2018-12-11 14:42:27


Thanks Kavya... you are right Priya here...
my son doesn't have kannada in his UKG syllabus so would like to know if the entrance exams will have them along with english and maths. 
~ Priya

sandip1sahoo 2018-12-11 16:18:00


@kavya,I got the registration form today and submitted the application form.even my daughter's uk, there were not Kannada.can you please ask if Hindi will be there in the exam along with Kannada or only Kannada will be there. One more question,will there be any other exam slot in upcoming days(in January) for Hindi English and maths. This will be a gr8 help.

kavyar 2018-12-11 16:20:05


Sure Sandip. I'll do that. Will update tomorrow.

kavyar 2018-12-11 16:20:50


Priya, Last time, when I visited the school for enquiry they said it would be only UKG Math and English. Anyway, I'll find out tomorrow and update you.

lithuvaan 2018-12-11 17:53:54


Kavya, if its just english and english we will give it a try else have to wait till next year and apply for Grade 2. :(

will wait for your update. Thank you! :)


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