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 Former member 2018-10-16 17:06:53


I have started searching for schools both ICSE and CBSE  for my 3+ year old daughter. I have checked n number of reviews before short listing few schools. The journey started here... started visiting schools one by one
1. Gopalan National --- Amazing infrastructure but not for middle class
Admission fee- 1 lakh
Tution Fee - 1 lakh (10% rise annually in both admission and tuition fee)
Books, Uniform and transport extra.

2. Ekya ITPL-- Good school but again not for middle class
AF- not sure 50k or 1lakh
Tution Fee- 1.58 lakh
Books, Uniform and transport extra

3. Amar Jothi kr puram - School is good but the admission incharge was not knowing what to explain us. When asked about fee and campus visit, she demanded us to pay money and take the application and then meet the Principal. It seems Principal only informs the fee.. and other stuff
AF- not sure
Tuition, Transport all inclusive around 1.4 lakh

4. Cambridge School KR Puram-- Very good infra and facilities. Got to know only the approx figures from the receptionalist as they havent started to issue forms
Fees-- 1.3 to 1.5 lakhs
Books, Uniform and transport extra

5. SEA International School-- I would not recommend the school. The campus is big enough but the management is not good
Admission fee plus tuition fee-- 60k
Books, Uniform and transport extra

6. Diya Academy Of Learning- Very big campus and facilities from seeing outside the gate. This makes them to think they are the only school and they are very rude, no proper response. They dont even allow parents to visit  the school campus for an enquiry. So i was unable to get the   fee details. I guess they will charge no less than 1.3 lakh. Books, Uniform and transport extra

7. Vydehi School of Excellence-- Good facilities and infrastructure. 
Annual Fees- 20k
Tuition Fee-- 21500* 4 (four terms)
Books, Uniform and transport extra

8. Presidency School Kasturi Nagar (Din Visit)
Fees--1.7 lakhs Books, Uniform and transport extra

9. Jaigopal Garodia Ramurthy Nagar-- I desperately wanted to admit my daughter in this school. I was in a mindset that this school is run by RSS trust ao they will not make education as a business. Absolute corporate school.
Admission happens only for Nursery
Tuition Fee-- 1.2lakh 10% increase annually
Books, Uniform and transport extra
So I dropped the idea of joining my daughter in this school.

10. Vincent Palloti--- Amazing school with all facilities a school would require. only problem is they dont have transport and private transport operates for this school
Fees is very nominal around 47 k  inclusive of admission fee.Books, Uniform and extra

11. Orchids International CV Raman Nagar-- Good school with no play ground. they say they ll make the terrace as play ground. But thats not safe anyway.
Tuition Fees--1.1lakh
Books, Uniform and transport extra

12. Insight Academy-- Good school , facilities are good
Tuition Fee--70k
Books, Uniform and transport extra
This school fee is low when when compared to other schools with the same facilities. They have swimming as a part of curriculum. 

Planning to visit New Learning ladders near Ramurthy nagar Bridge tommorrow. I have short listed schools based on distance and fee structure. Schools with many branches charges more in their EAST CAMPUS/ITPL /OUTER RING ROAD side than their other branches.

I have not even short listed schools whose fee structure is more than 1 lakh.. while checking online.
Every school takes admission fees in the form of CASH and only few schools give a receipt. I guess the college fees are much lower than the school fees. No one is ready to act against this exorbitant school fees in Bangalore. 

raviraj1988 2018-10-18 20:50:19


Thank you and really appreciate.... i was looking for same info.... looking CBSE school near Bagmane World Tech Park Doddankundi  10 kms near by less than 1 lac fee. 

raviku16 2018-10-20 16:48:22


Thank you for the info..i am also looking for good schools near Bagmane World Tech Park Doddankundi, near by less than 1 lac fee.

Buttet 2018-10-22 15:54:09


Thanks for going through the post.. near Bagmane there are no schools with one lakh fee.. you can check with gopalan national... one lakh admission fee and 1 lakh tuition fees. Transportation, books uniform extra

raviraj1988 2018-10-22 17:20:16


10 kms near by Bagmane i am looking, if you have info,  please share.  This will help. 

goodsamarita 2018-10-24 13:14:59


u can check vibgyor.. Dodennakundi. i heard that they charge less this year. check with Diya academy of Learning fee is less compared to others.


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