gopalan national school or deens academy

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maninc 2010-09-29 12:14:14


Hi all,

Can you please suggest me which school is better btw these two and why is it??

momnme 2010-09-29 22:38:50


yes please people help us decide we are in utter confusion......!thanks and kind of you all


vika 2010-10-02 08:42:43


wellll lets see.. i'll pen down what i know..

  • Deen's is in whitefield...GNS is in Hoodi.
  • Both the schools follow CBSE board.
  • Deen's seems bigger than GNS in terms of area. GNS has a big play area /sports field sort of thing in the front part of the school.
  • Deen's has a good sized swimming pool whereas GNS has only a splash pool. and in Deen's starting from the very smallest class they have swimming class once a week.
  • Deen's annual fees was 75k last year for playgroup .it includes everything from uniform ,books,field  trips etc except for the Bus fees. this year there wil be an increase i guess.. For GNS ,they said 40k is donation, which is not refundable and the annual fees for playgroup 1 will be 39,400 odd. apart from this you have to pay for uniform,books,food,bus,etc.
  • The crowd in Deen's is good and decent.most of the kids in my apt go there.. its a mix of upper middle class and little higher than that... so for a middle level family like mine its perfect... one imortant thing is that the child should not feel out of her element in the school.. GNS is also like that i assume. not sure abt that.
  • Deen's admission start after the 4th of oct i guess. GNS is starting admission after oct 20th or so..
  • Feedback on both schools seems ok.. the kids in my apt love deen's. they say the teachers are nice.. the management is very organized and so on. GNS am not very sure.. i heard from some source that the academics are good.

so there it is, all the info i have on both schools. i 've written more abt DEEN's coz i know kids who study there,, Probably ,GNS is also similar. someone who has more info on GNS can add on. 

The info given here is what i've heard from other parents. could be accurate or not.

please add on.. this thread is very useful for me n like parents who are confused abt Deen's n GNS.




reshani 2010-10-22 16:08:26


Hi all,

Even im confused now...

Got many good feedback about GNS...but im still in dilemma..

wht about New horizon Gurukul?




 Former member 2010-10-26 10:31:01



i think gns is icse sylabbus


reshani 2010-10-27 18:20:19


Please  provide feedback on GNS?


tat 2010-11-27 13:20:08


Gopalan National & Internationl are ICSE sylabbus schools. I suppose, could have IGSE also.

The fee for GNS - for 2011 

Nursery to Std VI - 40k (capitation) / 44k annual fee / approx.5k for book,uniform / plus transport extra.

I visited the campus. The class rooms are quite neat, good lighting and everything. I liked it. The campus wise I did not like it. There is hardly anything. But I feel for days scholar students having a big campus with lot of facilities is hardly important. Anyway they spend 90% of time in classes. I saw a splash pool in the campus but I think it is not in use.



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