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PRS2787 2018-08-20 00:09:57


By when will we get to know the shortlisted students list for 2019-20 admissions?

Hari20 2018-08-20 12:06:35


Today only we have submitted application form in the school. It is expected to within a month time i guess.

Dpt39 2018-08-20 20:05:08


Expect shortlists by September. Have you seen any others school around.. Considering last year experience.. BGS comes with shortlist by October end and by then most of the other schools were done with their seat allocation. So I m confused ... Any need help in search of some other schools and keeping it in pipeline.

Xcent0392 2018-08-20 20:19:50


 They told after 15 days from now. School will shortlist the Nursery admission in web site. I am expecting after 3rd September.

Xcent0392 2018-08-20 20:22:48


U can check in DPS, south or Vibgyor BTM or orchids. Vibgyor BTM or orchids school is good but expect 8 to 10 % increment every year. In BTM till 4th standard available and after that students move to Bannerghatta Road.

bjain 2018-09-04 18:53:56


Hi all,

 My daughter turned 2 years few days back. Her date of birth is August 25th 2016.  
 She will turn 2 years 9 months on June 1, 2019. So she will be eligible for PP1. I am confused which academic session she is eligible for.
 Does the admission process at BGS NPS start 1 year before the actual session?

 many thanks,

Dpt39 2018-09-04 20:16:00


Two years 6 months as on 1st June for Pre-Primary I.

Xcent0392 2018-09-04 20:50:06


Yes, for admission process of 2019-20  in PP1 or Nursery, admission form given on 16th and 17th Aug 2018. So before 10 months this will start for every year.

g2016 2018-09-10 13:15:25


Last week I had called the school for updates on the shortlist for pp1 candidates. They said that the list will be put up on their website between wed to sat of the week. But there is no update as yet.Anyone else has any updates?

Hari20 2018-09-18 14:26:11


I heard that BGS will release their results in their website by today evening. Is it confirmed? Anyone called the school? Thanks

g2016 2018-09-18 15:00:26


I had called the school today. Even I heard the same.

Hari20 2018-09-18 15:40:22


Oh Thanks for the update. Did they inform the time of release?

g2016 2018-09-18 16:49:26


they asked me to check after 5.30 pm.

Hari20 2018-09-18 16:55:00


@g2016 Thanks for the update 

School345 2018-09-18 17:59:08


Even I heard the same. But still no update. 

Hari20 2018-09-18 18:13:45


Please let us know if anyone gets the selection list

School345 2018-09-18 18:19:30


Will the list contain only PP1 or other sections as well? Any one has info on this ?

g2016 2018-09-18 19:42:10


still nothing right?

Jaina20 2018-09-19 07:49:26


No update.

Hari20 2018-09-19 10:19:49


I heard that it is coming by today evening 4:30

g2016 2018-09-19 10:34:02


Thanks @Hari20 for the update.

g2016 2018-09-19 17:41:35


Does not look like its gonna be out today as well. No updates as yet, right?

Hari20 2018-09-19 17:51:34


Yes. No updates yet. But when i called the school by 4:45 PM, they said today it will get release before end of the day.

Jaina20 2018-09-19 19:10:33


This is highly unprofessional act from BGS NPS.

School345 2018-09-19 19:30:37


By waiting for BGS School , hope we do not miss other schools. 

Jaina20 2018-09-20 08:02:10


I'm considering AECS Magnolia, Mitra Academy and Christ for none of these admission are closed yet. What about you all?

School345 2018-09-20 09:52:38


We have interactions with Mitra Acedemy on Saturday. We may finalize Mitra. 

Hari20 2018-09-20 10:29:22


We had interaction with Samhitha on last saturday. Waiting for BGS and Kumarans result.

 Former member 2018-09-20 10:48:19


To all the parents,

My son is already studying in BGS, am also waiting for the results in siblings quota.
Based on previous experience BGS will announce the results some where around mid/end of October (or) November 1st week.

Just thought of sharing this information.


Hari20 2018-09-20 11:35:42


@Naresh0610: Then why the school staffs are giving misleading information whenever we call them and ask. Everyday they say it will be released today by 05:30 PM. Anyways Thanks Naresh for sharing this info. Atleast we will not wait for the results daily.


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