My 4 yr old has speech/ADHD issues, I want to talk to a parent

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VikingRoyal 2018-07-23 09:59:57



My kid is having issue with delayed speech. A few months ago we met Dr Chitra Shankar at Domluru and she recommended speech therapy.
We are visiting a speech therapist in HSR, but it is not helping a lot.

in last few months since he turned 4, he has become more and more restless and doesnt pay attention to instructions at all.
Feeding him food, taking him for bath or change of clothes have become a challenge, because as soon as we ask him,  he runs off to other room and if we go behind him he runs again, thinking we are playing a game with him. He completely goes out of control in malls and hardly remain seated unless watching something over TV.
He is not able to answer many basic questions which he used to do earlier. 

Earlier this year, it was diagnosed that he has milk protein allergy and since he is on no-milk product diet, which could be a possible reason for his development issues as some theories suggest.

I want to talk to a parent whose kid is having similar issue and understand how could we deal with this better or exchange notes about therapists who can help with such developmental issues.

please let me know if you like to talk, we will exchange my nb over personal message.

sudha6889 2019-01-24 01:22:10


Hi, Did u get any help?does he go to school? Need to talk once can u msg me in person.. Thanks

allr1 2019-01-24 09:54:14


Mam/Sir, I presume we all parents have kids with similar behaviour of running from one room to another. Even same in malls, I handle this situation by buying him his favourite toy or eatables. I also get angry but then I take a deep breath & later enjoy playing with them. Sometimes if I loose patience then I hand it over to my wife. Its vice versa. I am sorry to learn about speech issues though I don't have much to add here but if possible give some ample time to your kid and do keep look out for good doctors. Happy Parenting...


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