Best Non Traditional School in Bangalore

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Sayeedahmed 2018-06-28 21:00:21


Hii Folks, Our kid is 4 Years now and we are residing in North Bangalore (RT Nagar). Our kid is basically focused on how things work A CURIOUS KID and generally do not understand the rigid way of following a teacher and class instruction. But for his age he is comfortable with Language-Numbers-Alphabates-Motor Skills. Wanted an opinion for the below points 1. Is it a good idea to put a child in a non traditional or non Conventional School 2. If the suggestion is YES, What is the Good Schools who work with a child's learning pace We are willing to reallocate if required, but definitely do not want to put him into an High Fee Expensive School.

vibgyorma 2018-07-09 12:14:41


Hi , Look for Montessori schools around your area, there are many schools following Montessori even up to 12th grade.. it's all about exploring practically more..


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