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bhupinder 2018-04-24 20:42:37


Dear Parents,

I am looking for my Son admission in VIBGYOR school -Panathur for Sr KG. They are going to start new session. Currently I am in Delhi and re-allocating with my family to Bangalore. Can anyone please share valuable feedback about this school.

Or if there is any other school in the vicinity then please suggest. My office will be in prestige technology park. I am looking for school around this location only.

ag5381 2018-04-30 13:51:27


Vibgyor school in Panathur is a CBSE school and comes under Vibgyor school sub brand 'Vibgyor Roots'. 'Vibgyor Roots' and 'Vibgyor Rise' are their 2 new sub brands. You can browse below link.

School is new and they are completing their interiors and some play area construction. It will get over by may end before the session starts in Jun 2nd week.

There is no donation and almost little admission fee for this year. It was completely waived of till mar-end. Now, I guess it's 25% of actual charges. For next year, they will start with full admission charges.

Most of teaching and non-teaching staff will be new but I guess will be trained under their management other school staff before start of session. So, can't provide any teaching feedback now. Only thing is their other branch teaching feedback that I have is much better that Geetanjali or New Horizon. Only Gear School is good in the area as of now but admission is limited and their way admission is not open.

However, expect teaching to be good in all KG and up to Class 1 in any school. Teaching in Class 2 onwards depends upon teaching staff quality present at that time. Expect teaching staff churn and luck to have good replacement staff in any school.

I live in that area 10 min walking from Vibgyor school now but I send my kid to Primus school in Sarjapur road (8km from home) as I found none other than Gear to be good. VIBGYOR was not there 2 years ago.

I am keeping an eye on Vibgyor to move my kid only next year onwards. I do not see any issues for Sr. Kg or Class 1 in this school or any school. With little admission fees, it look good and may be some process hiccups in Jun as school is new and they will need time to settle down like every school. I do remember New Horizon school took almost 3 years to settle down.

I guess , if you do not get admission in Gear, then you should try this school. 

Also, remember Kannada will be second language along with Hindi from Class 1 in all schools in Karnataka whether it is CBSE or ICSE or State board. Some school will put Hindi as 3rd language too. This confusion is clear now in all school.


bhupinder 2018-04-30 18:22:31


Thanks a lot for your detailed  feedback..

As currently I am in delhi so not in position to explore for Gear school..

I started with online admission porcess in VIBGYOR..


bhupinder 2018-04-30 18:24:12


Any other parents who putting their child in VIBGYOR, Panathur school . ?

bhupinder 2018-05-09 11:23:11


Dear ag5381 ,

Can you please message me your contact details on my number +91-9711992743. I would like discuss more on this with you.

Thanks a lot in advance.


neoma 2018-05-10 10:01:39


Do not go for Vibgyor...Group ...waste school waste management..There are so many internation schools near to pannatur.

ramkj 2018-07-11 00:18:57


Hello Everyone,

I will be relocating to Bangalore middle of next month and considering VIBGYOR RISE as one of the schools to admit my kid in Grade 1.

Please let me know your valuable feedback about this school.





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