Any reviews of BGS World School, Mahalaxmipuram, Bangalore

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Anjana26 2018-02-06 12:38:59


Hi All,
We were quire impressed looking at the infrastructure in BGS World school which is affliated to ICSE syllabus. Let me know if anyone here could give proper feedback of the school

Appreciate your response

RekhaJain 2018-07-10 10:46:02


Hi Anjana,
   This is not a good school. Their main focus is on making money (Rs 1.3L fees per year!). They claim and promise a lot of things, but its been 1 year and nothing is provided yet (no sports, no swimming pool, very little in terms of amenities). Even the teaching is not as per the fees they collect. There is very little science or technology teaching done and there is no attempt to build thinking capacity in students. Teaching is certainly not at ICSE standards (I am an ICSE alumni from St Mary's Delhi and I was teaching for a couple of years in an ICSE school in Kolkata). They seem to be paying the teachers very tiny salaries and many teachers have quit and many more appear to be ready to leave. Most of the teachers appear stressed and demotivated due to the low pay and long hours. This severely affects the education provided to students. The whole school appears slightly disorganized and the management appears to be not very experienced. 
   Unfortunately, just like you, I was impressed by the building and enrolled both my kids in the school in 2017. I am now regretting this decision and I am desperately trying to get them into a proper school for 2019. 

lakshmi12 2018-09-28 11:23:24


Dear Parents,

We too are impressed with school infrastructure and can see sports section/ground is getting built up. can anyone please update though I can see Rekha's comments, would like to get some more comments as we are interested in ICSE syllabus schools felt BGS world would be good to get seat easily.
Please suggest.

Vinayhr 2018-10-23 13:04:09


I am eagerly awaiting to hear some feedback as well. 

With all due respect to Mrs. Jain, thank you for the feedback. I did hear a few good comments from my neighbors around my house. I am also looking to admit my kid this year.. however, looking for more feedback. Hoping to see some parents putting in their views here. 


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