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 Former member 2010-09-16 16:38:44


Please let me know about the schools on bannerghatta in seek of admission to class I for my son.


tkt 2010-09-16 19:34:53


 I am happy with PSBB where my son is studying. You can also look at BGS-NPS or NPS (HSR).



 Former member 2010-09-17 10:50:37


Thanks Thiagu, I just went through the BGS - NPS website and have requested for details of admission for the next academic year. My son will be completing 5.7 yrs in June 2011, can he get admitted to class I  ? Are they too strict on age criteria? Can you also let me know about the fee in PSBB or any other school you may know?



tkt 2010-09-17 14:00:28


 Not too sure on the age thing..that will be dependent on the particular school. As far as fees is concerned, it will be 35k-40k per year for the good ones (mentioned above) with a one time "admission" fee of around 50k.


apar_sai 2010-09-17 14:56:48



Age criterion at PSBB is simple. 2007 borns are in pre-KG now. if your son is 2005 born, he will be eligible for 1st std next year.




 Former member 2010-09-17 16:45:23


Thanks for the info. By the way, i got a reply from BGS - NPS saying the age for class I is 5.10 yrs. Am puzzled now, my son will be completing only 5.7 by june 2011.  He is studying in UKG now in chennai. We are planning to shift for good to Bangalore next year. I dont want him to be put again in UKG. He is in montessori system of learning in a CBSE school.

Any idea whether the schools on Bannerghatta Road are easily accessible from Kodichikkanahalli? thats where we will  be living after shifting. 



Rubu 2010-09-17 23:05:41


even i m looking for a good cbse school near that place.. its pretty tough to get into good ones.. and meanwhile good schools r strict at age.. so i think ur child might hv to repeat UKg.. and fees for NPS is around 66000 or more..

I hvnt decided on school yet.. i m going to send my kids to montessori first and then find out abt schools for 1 year and then send them to the one which i like the best.. i m moving abck to bangalore this december 2010.



 Former member 2010-09-18 10:58:30


Thank you!


 Former member 2010-09-18 11:00:26


Even am thinking of putting him in montessori atleast for another year as he is used to that system for three years now. Also I think i cant force him to a regular stream of education right away.. am in the process of identifying a good montessori school.. if you get any details do keep me informed.





tkt 2010-09-18 19:32:33


 bgs-nps is abt 4-5 kms from kodichikkanahalli and psbb (new campus) is abt 9 kms away..don't think there is any good schools closer than 5 kms from kodichikanahalli



MaggieM 2010-09-18 20:23:58



You can check out Presidency south in Bilekahalli - it should be closer to Kodichikkanahall. It is cbse board and is flexible on age requirement as well.

Maruti Magnolia school (CBSE) and Mitra Academy (ICSE) should be within 5 kms range.

I do not have much feedback on these schools though.


SeethaS 2010-09-18 23:47:46



Has any parent found so much difficulty in getting admission in formal school for 1st std, assuming the child has gone through 3 yrs of montessori?

I understand that there will test for the child to pass, but apart from this, has there been vacancies always in 1st std? [given the trend that most parents are aware of montessori methods and put their children to montessori and then to the main stream from 6+yrs]


 Former member 2010-09-20 14:09:31


Hi Seetha,

I am concerned bcoz we are currently in chennai and will be shifting to bangalore next year. Its gonna be a totally new atmosphere for my kid if he is going to join any school for that matter.  And if he is going to continue here in the same school (CBSE) he wil lbe in montessori till Std II, so i have no problem. But since we are shifting, and for his age he is going to be in the same UKG again which is really of great concern for anybody moving to bangalore as this state has a unique age system for kids.

do you mean to say there is hardly any vacancy in I std?  Kids from montessori are smarter compared to other kids as the system of learning is very practical and they apply their skill right from the very first year (as the process is more of learning than teaching! )




SeethaS 2010-09-20 23:20:45


Hi Punitha,

My daughter is november born, and I've right now put her to montessori section (in a playschool) for the exact same reason as you mentioned. And I agree with the results!

Here in Bangalore, the age criteria is very strict, and you have to be mentally prepared for the kid to be in lower class at higher age (meaning children born after sept will have to wait till next year june to start school). This is actually good as the child will have maturity, be able to grasp everything very well and will be able to perform better.

If you are still particular about him not to be in UKG again, then you can try in PSBBLA (as PSBB in chennai) here. If I'm right they follow the same age criteria as PSBB of chennai. You need to check out the school. As again it depends on the vacancies. Thats why I posted my question if any parent had so much difficulty in getting admission by taking the risk of not applying in Pre-KG/LKG .... :-)



MaggieM 2010-09-21 11:44:30



My child is also Oct born. I do not agree that schools in Bangalore are strict on age for the following reasons:

- Most of the schools say that they will take 3 yrs by June for Nursery (and 4 yrs for LKG, 6 yrs for Ist etc). But you will find many of the so called strict schools taking kids who are 2.10/3.10/5.10 for various classes. So in the same class, you will have kids who are more than 1.2 years older than some kids. This is not right! In my opinion, there shouldnt be more than 1 year gap between kids going to the same class.

- Most of the so called strict schools take kids of lower ages IF you have a "recommendation".

- Most of the so called strict schools (which also happen to be in DEMAND), have these strict criterias as they have to filter out kids - they are bombarded with a lot of applications, and they simply need to have some criteria. Most of the parents of kids born in Sept-Dec opt for Montessori’s or other schools, where the age criteria is flexible. And from what I've seen, once you are in a regular school, MOST of the so called strict schools take kids of lower age groups from 2nd standard onwards (provided, the child clears the entrance). From Nursery to 1st, the schools come up with these policies as thats where most of the demand is. Also, majority of the parents do not change schools once a kid is in a regular school, as the child is settled etc. Please note, its mostly how involved you are with your child's education that makes a major impact. 80% of the work has to be done by the parents.

- Please note - as per CBSE, the age for 1st standard is 5 years (thats followed by all KVs across the country). As per Karnataka education right, for Govt schools, the age cut off for 1st std is 5 years and kids who are 5.10 years should be cumpulsory in 1st standard. For private schools, the education policy states that the schools can have their own criteria based on what CBSE/ICSE recommends. So if a school gives you the reason that it is following state govt policy or CBSE policy, its BS! Please google on Karnataka education act and you will get details.

- I have lived in other Indian cities and know for sure that schools are very strict on age criteria in other cities. Example, in Delhi, most of the schools will admit kids born between 1st April to march 31st ONLY.

- You will find many schools that have relaxed age criteria - these will be mostly new schools/ wouldn’t be so much in demand or will be extremely far off.

- I agree with people who say that kids should be matured to handle stress of writing and reading. Older kids are more socially strong.

So please decide once you have evaluated what works best for you and your child! Each child is unique and I am sure as parents we know what’s the best for them!

All the best!


barapraveen 2010-11-22 12:57:54



I have shifted recently to Bangalore and looking for some schools in and near Bilekahalli , Banerghatta, The only school i got to know till now is Presidency School.

Would really appreciate if anybody could suggest me some nice schools nearby. You could email me at






janshon 2010-11-25 23:03:25


 There are 2 more CBSE schools in this area. One is Radcliffe and other is Heritage Academy. Since I am also looking to admit my daughter in schools in this area, today I went visiting schools.First I went to Heritage. Now they just have Pre-prime, LKG, UKG, 1 and 2 stds. the lady there informed me that next year they would move to new campur on bannerghatta circle. Fees is reasonable. This school was formerly known as Eurokids. Then I went to BGS NPS, since they r celebrating founders day, no one was available to speak. From there I headed to PSBB...Awful road, I felt as if I was going into Bannerghatta forest. finally I reached the place. The lady there told, that thier UKG is full ...and these students move to 1st std. So if anyone takes a TC, then my lil one gets admission. so how will I know abot this TC bit, she said keep calling and find out. Travelling that distance is a torture, but then I've heard that kids come from Malleshwaram (30km away)...what can I say. Radcliffe is another school with CBSE, but its a new school. Backed by the Rai foundation, which sank few years ago. There are ICSE schools in this area...If anyone needs info...I can give... 


barapraveen 2010-11-26 01:33:42


 Hello Janshon,

Thanks for the Info. i have checked Presidency and Radcliffe by Phone. Presidency has like 40 kids per class which i think is a little too much. Wherein Radcliffe has like 25 kids. Heard a bit of good appreciation for Radcliffe. 

Am confused after your comment for Radcliffe. Suggest me some schools in and around Bannerghatta where u researched.

God, this hunting job for school is much tougher than my work place job ;)




janshon 2010-11-26 08:11:26


 Hi Praveen,

I am yet to check on Presidency, will do it on Saturday. I was all set for Radcliffe, but the Rai Foundation backing made me change my decission. Now I am thinking of going with Sherwood. Infrastructure wise its very good. Fee structure (40k donation+36k annual fee+10k activity fee+uniform+books+transportation) seems ok. This year they are adding 5th and 6th grade. Belinda (PRO) told me that they get recognition only after they start 8th grade. That will be next year...The strenght of each class is 30. They have those mini volvo kind of bus. Will be going for a through school tour on saturday. 

You can try Ryan Intl, There is Brigade Millenium (Hilarious fee structure), Clarence Public School, Mitra Academy, St Paul's. If Kanakpura is okay, then you can try DPS, A school by Sri Ravishanker group (cant recall the name). Last night I googled and got to know that BGS NPS has class strength of more than 50, thats not good.

Yeah searching for schools and getting admission is real tuff...



barapraveen 2010-11-26 11:45:44


 Hello Janshon,

Thanks for ur info. Am checking Radcliffe and Sherwood today. Could post some info about them soon.




barapraveen 2010-11-27 09:01:05



I checked Radcliffe and Sherwood yesterday. Sherwood looks good, Posh. Infrastructure wise also its good. Coming to Price its double of what we pay at Radcliffe. On the other side i met Radcliffe teachers and the management who are very friendly and the teaching is also fine.

Guess Still want to check more. Any suggestions from anybody.  


janshon 2010-11-27 10:12:25


 Hi Praveen,

I am going to SH and Radcliffe now. My only concern about Radcliffe is that it is backed by Rai foundation...I hope you know that thier institutions sank some years ago. I enquired about both schools with my friends. All have atleast heard of SH, but no one has clue about Radcliffe. Posted my queries on FB also, but no response. I am in a great fix.


barapraveen 2010-11-27 13:27:35


 Hello Janshon,

I would be looking more schools. Radcliffe is coming up big way now. I know of its branch in Hyderabad too. SH looks like a costly affair for me. Let me know if u have enquired about more schools. Have u heard of Heritage and PSBB schools.

I have managed to hold the Radcliffe seat for a Month before i finalize so looking for more schools till then. Is it possible we cud talk. My no. 7829757118. Let me know   



janshon 2010-11-27 13:52:00


 Hi Praveen,

Had been to SH again. I did a big mistake of going to SH first. My husband was so pleased, that Radcliffe didn impress him. We spoke to many parents and they had been to Radcliffe. Again they had the same worry. Rai Foundation backing. Belinda in SH told that the admission fee was one time (from LKG to 10th). Fees seems okay to me because, if you just check other schools (LPS, PSBB, BGSNPS), they all are close to the same fee (+-10k). I enquired about Samhita acdemy, its very far and they too have classes till 5. Called BGS  NPS, response was negative. So My husband and I have decided to go with SH. Some instinct that this school might fare well in coming years:)


barapraveen 2010-11-27 16:08:56


 Guess i too have to think about SH.. Lets c. Thanks for ur help janshon....Lets just hope for the best. My luck is that my wife is not here for the final verdict :) so if anything happens..guess i need to take the entire responsibility:)


hmnshu 2010-11-27 17:08:34


I'll put the same query again. I have heard that this school is more suitable for the elite, the richer class. Is that true? I am a lower middle class individual, with a household income of around Rs. 13.5 lacs per annum. Should I think of sending my child to this school? Will he be totally out of place here? I am a bit skeptical as someone has advised me not to consider this school unless I want to jeopardize my kid's future, him being among all rich, and potentially spoilt, kids. 

Barapraveen, what's your opinion? I am asking you because you've noted that the fees is on a higher side, although it's comparable to most other schools in Bangalore (not Radcliffe or Gnan Srishti, HSR Layout), as Janshon as rightly mentioned. 

One more concern, and this is graver, that I have is about the school's pace of setting up its infrastructure. Although Belinda would have us believe that work is commencing at a very fast pace, I really would beg to differ. If you look at the manufactured photo in their website, you'll see a lush green football ground. But in reality, they have not been able to get the ground suitable and safe enough for play even after all these months. Big and small gravels and stones strewn all over can hurt kids seriously. I've noticed that they always have a dune of sand, and some bricks, at one corner of the ground. I feel that these have been strategically placed there to convince parents that work is in progress, but I fail to see any real progress. 

They had planned to start from June '09, but got delayed for one year and started in June this year. Six months through their first batch, they are yet to get the infrastructure ready, though I must admit that the classrooms and corridors are squeaky-clean. I feel that development activities not happening at a satisfactory pace doesn't augur very well. 

On their brochure, they mentioned a myriad of upcoming facilities for games like basketball, football, tennis, badminton, etc., and of course the solar-heated, temperature-controlled swimming pool. Not to mention the Zen garden and other stuff. I do not see how or where they will accommodate all these as their land area is rather limited. In contrast, DPS East is really impressive in terms of the facilities they have. Christ Academy, likewise, is among the top when you are talking infrastructure, maybe even better than DPS East

All these shortcomings of Sherwood High really worries me, even if I tend to ignore the controversial background of the current principal. 


janshon 2010-11-27 18:16:24


 Hey Hmnshu,

  Even I come from lower middle class. I think how your kid's future will turn out will depend on you. How you bring your child and say NO when you have to. I studied in a school which was filled with kids from high class, but my parents never gave in to whatever we asked for. what they thought was best was given to us. Anyways kids today are different...:)  I had been to school today. and the parents who were filling the forms didn look like the elite class.    About the infrastructure, didn really pay attention to it. But as you said I donno where they will accomodate all thats mentioned in the brochure. My husband feels that its better if they dont have all these high fi stuff. Atleast they wont increase fees hillariouslly.    From what I researched about schools in this area, there is a new school called Heritage Academy (CBSE), which will come starting next year. The campus will come near Bannerghatta Circle. This is a branch of Eurokids. The preschool looks good. Overall cost comes to 55k (20k admin fee). My frend who stays in this area said that the preschool was good and she knows parents who are happy with thier kids going here. Need anymore info let me know...

janshon 2010-11-27 18:23:10


 @ Hmnshu ...When I said I didn pay attention to infrastructure I  meant all those play grounds...Just saw the class rooms and other facilities. Enquired about transportation. I wish someone who has their kid there would tell us more ...


hmnshu 2010-11-27 21:54:03


Hi Sumana 

Unfortunately, even I am not directly aware of anyone sending the kid to Sherwood High, except for a few parents in other fora on this site. 

Have you applied for other schools? I was really keen on Christ Academy, but they closed admissions even before I inquired. Right now, I am waiting for the DPS-E selections. 

Yes, Eurokids have got a large network of play-schools. Are you going to take a chance with Heritage Academy? 

In which part of Bangalore are you put up? 

Have you considered Bethany High?



barapraveen 2010-11-28 00:44:17


 Hello All,

Great comments and great advices. Well lets just research more schools and see what best fits our children. 

Hmnshu  : Well i thought on the similar lines as u thought. For one year if we dare to put him to SH. Then what about the future. Well at the moment am looking for more. Met some friends locally who suggested me some schools.

Sumana : Everybody of us are trying to give the best education or infact more education compared to what we got. Parents tend to do that. Money yes counts but we tend to stretch for children. Let just hope we get the best school which gives us the peace of mind.

I am gonna check out Heritage and then there is school called Little Elly in Vijaya Bank Colony i guess. I really have to check out. But heard its good and they have standards till 8 i guess. CBSE course. 

Radcliffe is out of my mind for 2 reasons. one is Rai Foundation and second is the level of english been taught there which i doubt. Met some teachers and am not fully satisfied with them.

Any suggestions or advices are always welcome 



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