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shaileshmishra 2018-01-28 16:22:34


Do we receive any mail too from Kumarans apart from Status change in Edchemy ( https://edchemy.kumarans.org ) ?

Any idea what kind of "test" will be there for the kid ?

Do we need to carry any docs etc along with us ?



cardiacdoc 2018-01-28 20:15:21


@shailesh mishra, hi did u all get the status change at the same time? Needed to know if we should wait for chances of call. Are they staggering msgs or they have given all slots at one time only & no further change possible. Did u get call for CBSE mallasandra also or only ICSE stream. Bye & all the best for the interview.

Suma84 2018-01-28 22:09:58


@ cardiacdoc, it seems they have not yet called for CBSE stream. I have been in touch with some of the parents who applied for the same. But no one has got any updation till now.

Sweta165 2018-01-29 07:41:57


Parents who have applied for dsk branch have got today's interview call. They didnt mention about any test.

shaileshmishra 2018-01-29 09:18:03


I have applied for CBSE@MLS but did not get any call. Neither did i see any one in this thread got the one for the same so i assume that they have not yet started for CBSE@MLS


130377 2018-01-29 09:44:17


Hi Sweta, Did you get the call today from DKS?

Sweta165 2018-01-29 09:47:33


I have applied for cbse@Mallasandra. No news from them. Read on this thread earlier about dsk calling candidates for interview on 29th jan. Parents who shared the info had different time slots.

Sweta165 2018-01-29 10:43:59


Called for test on 3rd feb for cbse@Mallasandra

mvm77 2018-01-29 10:44:34


CBSE@MLS. Have been called for test on 3rd Feb in the morning.

SanjeevSrishti 2018-01-29 11:42:30



mmv77 and Sweta165, if you don't mind could you please disclose your form number? Just curious to know if they are calling based on the form number.


18Adu 2018-01-29 11:43:19


We are still waiting for call from CBSE@MLS. Anyone who got call from CBSE@MLS could confirm if their registration number is within 00020 ? All the best of interview.

Suma84 2018-01-29 11:51:04


@ swetha & mvm 77, congrats and all the best. have you got call from School or just the status in edchemy.kumarans is changed?

Suma84 2018-01-29 12:11:26


it has not been selected. they have updated in the site on the right hand side under publications

mvm77 2018-01-29 12:29:39


Thanks @Suma84. Got an SMS and the same is also reflecting in the portal. 

shaileshmishra 2018-01-29 12:30:32


They have called all kids at the same time for CBSE@MLS and ICSE@MLS . So any one who got calls from both these branches has to choose either of them. Smart move. :)

130377 2018-01-29 13:23:34


I got call now from CBSE@MLS for interview on 3rd Feb.

NimeshK 2018-01-29 13:35:29


Dont wait for the SMS, check the site..status has changed to Called for Test. Also on the right side, check for publications. They have instructions for the informal interaction. It looks to be a formal written test..snippet from the publication - 

We would like to inform you that your child has been selected for a very informal interaction. The details are given below. Date : Saturday, 3rd February 2018 Time : 9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. (Reporting Time: 9.00 a.m. at CBSE Junior Block) Venue : Sri Kumaran Children€™s Home €" CBSE Mallasandra Village, Uttarahalli Hobli Off Kanakapura Main Road Bangalore €" 560062 (School Route Map is attached herewith) Things to be brought: Pencil box, crayons. 

cardiacdoc 2018-01-29 16:13:36


Not selected. Wonder what were their selection criteria...My application no. Was 002, staying at RR nagar, both parents doctirs, working. Anyone has idea about their criteria? Maybe can try for younger kid later.

Suma84 2018-01-29 16:53:18


@ cardiacdoc, so which other schools u r considering? Waiting for Nps Bsk results?

cardiacdoc 2018-01-29 17:00:50


@suma 84, yes planning for NPS-BSK, will also try jnanakshi in RR nagar. Mainly for distance from house. Which schools are u planning for?

Suma84 2018-01-29 17:03:49


Yes we are also waiting for Npsbsk. We stay near Bsk Bda complex... So trying for aurobindo as well. But they said no seats for class one

shaileshmishra 2018-01-29 19:21:20



You may check with Baldwin Co-Ed ,RR Nagar too.


san07 2018-01-29 19:44:03


I feel your location RR nagar went against you. I think last year while applying for Nursery i read that they dont provide transport for RR nagar and those ppl should not apply. I know doctor both husband wife practise in a clinic, their son is studying in Kumarans.

cardiacdoc 2018-01-29 19:47:19


@shaileshmishra she's presently in Baldwin's coed. We wanted 2 change bcoz we were not happy with change in teaching environment there. If ur kid goes there then u might have heard about the teacher's strike, haphazard construction. Pity bcoz it was really good with previous Bishop management.

1apps 2018-01-29 19:57:51


Hi kumar, How was the interview? What kind of test they have conducted?

kumar2 2018-01-29 19:58:28


@ caridacdoc have you got message from kumarans like you have not been selected? I heard National hill view is also good school in RR nagar


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