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paladin 2017-12-30 00:31:15



I have an interactive session scheduled with the Sindhi High School, KK road. Both parents with the child are requested. 

Has anybody gone through this process? I am just trying to get a feel f what to expect. I would be grateful if anybody can please share their experience. 

paladin 2018-01-18 16:20:41


For the help of others:

The interactive session consisted of 2 rounds:
1. The kid is shown various toys and books about fruits and animals and asked to name them.
2. The parents and the kid are interviewed by the management; general questions will be asked -- Why are you applying to our school?

Got admission for my kid. The school looks great. Kids look savvy; checked about the extra-curricular activities and it looks great; holistic development of kids; the school ground is small, but, that is OK given the other pros.

Heard the Hebbal campus is bigger - but a little far for us.

paladin 2018-01-30 15:36:36


Sindhi,KK Road Fees for Nursery

Rs 53,000/- fees
Rs 15,000/- admission fee
Rs 20,000/- refundable deposit

No recommendations allowed; merit based - only students who perform well in the interactive session. 



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