Schools near Hebbal,yelahanka,sahakarnagar ( admission for LKG n 4th std)

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gayathri83 2017-11-29 12:50:01


can you all suggest good schools around hebbal, yelahanka, sahakarnagar

How difficult is it to get admission for 4th standard. What has to be done esp if moving from abroad
For LKG admission can you let me know the age requirement . 

Sindhi school,  DPS north, NPS, vidya niketan, vidya shilp - have these in mind
are there any other schools nearby that I could try

Vijayshilpa 2017-11-29 13:30:21


Hello Gayathri,
Its the same situation that I sail as well.. I am looking for Kg-1 for my Kid who has now shortlisted in NPS and am skeptical about joining him there due to the distance..
Apart from these you have mentioned there are few other schools like Dev-in(CBSE) TRIO(ICSE) in sahakar nagar.

Rashtrothana(CBSE) is also one of the good school but its little far which is in Hennur Main road.

Basically i am looking for CBSE in nearby  my area were I stay.



vivekn 2017-11-29 14:24:41


There is Chrysalis High (CBSE), i will score this better than dps north which is in the middle of the yelhanka city and Prsidency (CBSE) bit far away and NITTE(CBSE) which is still far away.
Dev in is new, not sure they are good. Should also consider from how long school is running also how the school grew.
If you looks for ICSE ,TRIO is the best, if not Vidyshilp. Vidyaniketan, if you get seat you can go blindly but sacrifice on sports matter.
If CBSE, i score Chrysalis High or presidency. If moeny is not a concern i prefer Mallya Aditi intl school.  JHS is also equally good if its near by.
if IGCSE, canadian intl, is good. There are other which is far away from yelhanka towards Airport, which i can not re collect name.
persoanl choise, DPS is not bad but i stayed away from it.
There is a Euro School, OK but can't compare with the above schools at all.
NPS, no ware it comes closure to NPS Indira Nagar OR NPS Basveshwara Nagar. 

Also note to forget, choose which are near by rather than repenting later and considering Kid's health , with respect to travel time.

Vivek N


gayathri83 2017-11-29 15:06:44


Thanks all...great to get quick replies . That's my big concern about the travel time . One thing I better to put both kids in same school .. Vidya niketan yes I heard it's very tough to get Admission. The other schools u all mentioned I should find out . There is this Vivekananda school nearby - any reviews on that . Dps north and nps have started giving forms I think . Intl schools seriously is it worth that much ??

Vijayshilpa 2017-11-29 17:19:11


Exactly as Vivek said later should not repent considering the kids travel factor :) Regards, VIJAY

gayathri83 2017-11-30 13:46:32


Are there any good schools which do just lkg , ukg alone - Coz my son has not gone to school yet at to start with I m thinking it will b very good if there is something very close to home - kodigehalli, sahakarnagar
can u name any 

gayathri83 2017-12-04 13:04:25



any reviews 

presidency someone tld me - but reviews in mouthshut recently seem to b quite bad



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