Review on Dhee Global School, Vidyaniketan and Jain Heritage

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Kavi9 2017-11-02 14:36:56



Please pour in your reviews on Dhee Global, Vidyaniketan and Jain Heritage Schools in North Bangalore. 

Ramsy 2018-11-28 21:23:45


Vidyaniketan is a very good school in north bangalore and it is hard to get admissions here. Jain Heritage is a average school and admission must have started. Dhee Global School is a new school and heard they have good infrastructure.

salikar123 2019-02-01 15:35:01


I visited Dhee Global School. You are right , their infrastructure is quite good. Well done up lawn tennis turf on the top floor which doubles up as a football ground. I also saw students using the ground nearby for athletic events ...not quite sure if it was for some event. Teachers seemed professional and we are thinking of applying to this school. Vidya Niketan is an ICSE school so I did not peruse it further. Any other suggestions ?

Janjee86 2019-03-07 14:18:34



Have applied for the school. How do you feel about the school ? I am also looking for good international school offering cbse. Help me with your insights.



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