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Roopa89 2017-10-25 14:57:45


Hi All,

I am interested in joining my 3 year old daughter to a Montessori School. We are put up in Jayanagar 2nd block. Can anyone please provide a review for the Incarnations Montessori School. Would this be a good choice or should I look out for other options.

thank you!

badri13 2018-07-09 20:10:25


Was holding back for couple of weeks but finally decided to write this feedback in the interest of other parents who potentially may consider Incarnation as an option. Excuse for a long review. 

The first we would expect of any elementary school is the warmth that is extended to you which also gives you the confidence. Do not expect the warmth from the people who run this school though Montessori as a method is highly recommended. 

In todays world we think of behaviour and service even when it comes to buying even a small appliance and here its matter of our children€™s future what we bet when we consider a school that too elementary as a first step towards their future which goes beyond the method they follow (Montessori). Unfortunately the management (both husband & wife) who run this school are very arrogant with lots of attitude which is unprecedented and an USP to them - €œMy-Way or High-Way€.

They don€™t like to be challenged about their behaviour, attitude, faults and going back on their words €" and when taken up, resulted in them asking my KID to leave the school just a week into beginning of the 2018 academic year. Believe me we tried talking to them and also tendering apology at the cost of our self-respect in the interest of our KID but they were very very ego driven (though they claim otherwise) and literally drove us out stating the KIDS future is parents ownership and not theirs. 

They make big claims that every kid is taken care of like their own with personal accountability of their growth but reality is they don€™t really care beyond words. 

They have a popular caption - €œKids are reflection of what we are€ and in a real true sense it very correct and wouldn€™t want to risk my kids in that environment. 

I have never been treated and humiliated ever this way and this is not a pleasant experience that you can forget in a lifetime. They are very rigid in every aspect of functioning which is extreme in most cases to tie you up or put keep you on your toes. They do back & forth on aspects that are discussed and don€™t stick to what€™s agreed €" beyond all this they call parents to be €œManipulative€ when in reality they are very manipulative for their convenience. They don€™t believe in give-and-take respect. They have a popular statement €" €œRespect the Master€ which also means €œDon€™t respect the Parents€.

The positive from this experience is that though I was initially forced to look for a new school, I am very confident that my KID would be in better hands to shape bright future - which came as blessing in diguise.

They miss the basics on behaviour, attitude, respect for fellow-humans which is the core of any educational institution. I too was carried away by their words when I met them last year to admit my KID.

I have got lots of similar negative feedback from my known circle which includes parents, teachers and senior educationalists on their behaviour but most seldom would go public with their opinion as this is not native to us in this part of the world.

The intent of this review is to share an awful experience with a potential parent to make an informed decision. 



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