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srigayu 2017-09-15 11:26:11


Little Elly €" HORAMAVU

Hello Reader,

Our 2 year old attended Preschool Little Elly €" HORAMAVU from  last year and absolutely loves it. 

This is our overall experience about the school in the past One year.

When my husband and I had to decide on a pre-school for our child, we went in person along with our daughter to each of the 9 pre-schools in and around Banaswadi and Horamavu to check on our child€™s


˜  Comfort level,

˜  Safety,

˜  Health,

˜  Distance,

˜  Teaching staff,

˜  Childcare staff,

˜  Clean Toilets,

˜  Outdoor play areas,

˜  Supplies of toys,

˜  Cost etc.


to evaluate what best a pre-school is got to offer to my Childs wellbeing. 


Below are the parameters which appealed to us in Little Elly €" Horamavu.




Stemming from the director Ms. Leena; the teachers Ms.Shalini, Ms.Chethana,

Ms. Mahalakshmi; Childcare staff Ms. Deepa, Ms. Praveena, Ms. Devi, Ms. Uma and Ms.Mani are all very warm, highly attentive and really got to know our child. I must say this team is functioning since the inception of Horamavu Branch (Zero attrition in the last 3+years) each one of them is specialized in child care. Meaning they can study a child€™s development like a therapist.


Ms. Leena Nair, regardless of poor reach of the Branch in the expanse, she had never compromised on what the children in her school are offered. Well you may not find any hoarding or advertisement broachers hanging around the expanse, because she strongly believes in not polluting the city. However you approach her with any feedback in the school, you will see that she works on it immediately and get it done for you at her best possible time.


They really cultivate a love of learning and we were impressed by how much our daughter absorbed, all under the appearance of having fun. The activities they do are very creative and carefully crafted to engage the kids at every turn. 




€˜Child€™s 90% of Brain Development happens by the age of 5 Years€™. So, What your Preschool / Play School / Day Care (Preschool Programs and Kindergarten Day Care Programs) is doing about it?  Except they write this €"€œ90% of Brain Development happens by the age of 5 Years€, on their School Brochure, Marketing Brochure and just leave it there! Those preschools charging 10k per month (Yes! You read it right INR 10,000 PER MONTH) say they are still developing a curriculum but they have all other aesthetic to attract admission (BUSINESS)????


The most important thing to happen in any Preschool and Kindergarten Day Care Settings is, the Learning skills, Life Skills, Educational Skills, which is being developed in your child. Little Elly has a strong curriculum which is being rigorously followed and they cover the syllabus just like in school. The foremost objective of Little Elly €" Horamavu is to deliver €˜Education€™ to the €˜Child€™.


Childcare Staff:


The first three years of life are a period of incredible growth in all areas of a baby€™s development. The earliest relationships with caregivers can promote healthy brain development, how young children build social and emotional skills.


˜   It€™s a minimum requirement that the caretaker staffs are at least a year old, that€™s because they are well-versed with the functioning of the facility, so they can effortlessly participate in their daily activity with full attention to the children.


Most important resource for a pre-school is a specialized child care staffs who:


˜  Help a dependent child ,

˜  Comforting the Teaching staff to do their work in entirely

˜  Building the confidence in the parent.

˜  Coordinating between staff-child-parent


Their presence is seamless and their contribution is so measurable. These childcare staffs at Little Elly are experienced, well-groomed, Multilinguistic and highly efficient and attentive at work.


Personal attention to the child:

˜    Meal Box: Childcare staffs were best in making her taste most of the boxes sent. And they also report to me every time I came to pick her up what she had and what she did not like. This had greatly built the confidence in me that she is gathering required calories knowing that my daughter is a fuzzy eater. Detail oriented staff.


˜    Humanity: There were days despite her daycare time is over, and if she is in middle of her meal they make us wait for 10-15 minutes until she eats.  These personal attentions greatly impressed me with old childcare staffs. Dedicated workers.


˜    Send Off: Childcare staffs had excellent surrounding awareness when they see a parent entering the gate near Devamatha School, they keep the child ready with the bag to send them off€  I had never waited at the gate step much longer time ever. Time Sense.


˜    Welcoming: Childcare staffs do not just greet the child for namesake, they receive the kid with a cheerful face and name the color of the dress, hair band, shoes and also describe if its matching or not. Encouraging kids to dress appropriately.


˜   Belongings: They always ensured that all the belongings from the hair clip, wet undergarments rolled in a newspaper and used spoons are sectioned and packed properly in the bag.


˜   Hurting other children: My daughter use to pinch and beat the other children for the first few months. I was so worried how the staffs will handle this issue €" Devi explained me clearly how they handle her in such situation, that she makes the child sit next to her and make her continue with class until she learns to mingle with the fellow students without isolating her from the class.

I was so happy that childcare staff helped my daughter to get out of such behavior without affecting her confidence.

˜    Grooming:  There were days I sent  my daughter after a hair wash in the morning.  And she returns home with a pleated hair. They were so concerned about each child under their supervision.


˜   Making Eye Contact: Every time the childcare staff needs to communicate, they either got on their knees to the child€™s height and spoke, if not they carried her in their arms and spoke with an eye contact.


˜    Playing small games: Staffs use to hide the lunch boxes and play games to see if she is seeking the hidden boxes. This had helped to develop a sense of belonging in her.



I thank Little Elly for giving her the tools for continued growth.  Most importantly, she is always eager to go to school and never left without telling her teachers a Good Bye. As a parent, you can't ask for anything more. We will be sending our daughter to Little Elly next year as well and have no doubt that she'll have a positive experience. We highly recommend Little Elly Preschool at Horamavu near Devamatha School.








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