National Public School NPS YPR Yeshwanthpur - Bangalore

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trailblazzerr1 2017-07-16 22:18:49


I agree with both comments,  there are whole lot of issues with this school. They claim to be real NPS + superior class, but its an ordinary like any other school except the fact they are extremely strict. Most of teachers don't respect parents,  Principal is arrogant Teachers are hired from other local schools, nothing great about them in terms of qualification  and experience. My kids are currently studying here, any suggestions ??    

kkk 2017-07-17 13:36:15


Definitely it's not real nps.. U can call any other nps and check. My child is in nps krm.. There r only 4 NPS comes under same management. RNR, INR, KRM and HSR. The rest all franchisees. All u hv stated are not the qualities of NPS. My child's school has an excellent Principal. The teachers r so friendly and approachable. All the teachers on the higher grades are highly qualified. Hope this helps.

trailblazzerr1 2017-07-21 16:14:39


Thanks for your response.  I should have made some basic enquiry before admitting my kid at NPS Yashvantpur.  They give so much homework, usually, i see kids spending late hours to complete this, children are punished, insulted if homework is not completed within a day. They get no time for extracurricular activities nor any time to study. I feel really sorry for my kid. It's even late for me to shift my kid this year. 

NIKANI 2017-12-08 08:55:58


HI @trailblazzerr1

Just want to know the what is your final decision to continue your kid at NPS YPR or moved out

we are thinking to join our kids there for 2018-19 school year  because we stay close to this school

pls share your advice thanks in advance



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