Kidzee HSR or cherubs Montessori for my 3 years old kid any suggessions

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satishredddy1 2017-03-22 13:43:24


This week i inquired about my kid admission in pre schools one is kidzee another one is Cherubs Montessori
1. kidzee hsr 6th sector they are charging 57k total in 4 installments and for transportation approximately 1400rs per month and my kid age on june 2017 is 3.5 years old that's the reason they are allowing for nursery admission only not for LKG and they have day care facility.
2. Cherubs Montessori they are charging total 80k in 2 installments and for transportation they are charging 0-5km 24k per year and they also told for my kid they are allowing for nursery admission only not for LKG and for day care per month 6600rs .
and please suggest any other good schools in hsr layoutfor 3.6 years old boy.

Surekha111 2017-03-25 17:40:21


Hi Satish

There is another preschool Tots , seems a good . They are the only govt recognised (as per new rule) and they have a beautiful soft zym. They are opp of BDA complex. Visit -

Lipika1985 2017-03-28 13:51:47


My Daughter is going to Little Einsteins and I am happy with her performance. They don't stress too much on books etc but try to create live environment of whatever they want to teach and I like this concept. Even after coming back to home she will try to do same things by using her toys and whatever is available in the house. I think this sort of creativity will definitely help her.

satishredddy1 2017-03-31 22:35:16


i checked with little millennium they are charging 88k annually and transportation is around 20k,kidzee hsr near nift annual fees 64k and for daycare 4500 per month,little einstein annual fees 50k it is going to revise in next academic year and for day care 5k per month and transportation 20k around depend on distance.

Ruksana 2017-04-20 21:47:37


Hi Satish..have you finalised the school. I dont have time to take off and visit all the schools. Based on feedback online and parents reference, I will finalise. 

Hi Lipika...Do you know why Little Einsteins HSR Layout charge less then other schools and is there any last date for admission and how many students they take in a year.


Lipika1985 2017-04-23 11:20:44


Ruksana, I think they are not too money minded and may be that's the reason for lower fees. I am not sure how many admission they take; however they have 14 kids maximum in a class with 2 batches i.e. 7 students in 1 batch with 1 teacher. That was also one of my reason for selecting Little Einsteins, HSR Layout last year for my daughter's admission. Euro Kid has 15-16 kids per teacher, Bachpan has more than 20 kids per teacher and Kidzee is also more than 20 kids per teacher. 



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