Information needed on VIBGYOR and Chrysalis High Horamavu - Bangalore

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Myra999 2017-01-10 18:55:32


Hi can anyone suggest us about the chrysalis high Horamavu branch.heard it is the new branch where the first batch of students are now into second grade.howz the teaching here.Are the teachers experienced? Are they up to what they are promising at the time of admission.. What abt the cocurricular and extracurricular activities here. Are they thought Nd conducted regularly.We are from Hyderabad.Relocating to bangalore.Dont know any info.kindly suggest us with good schools at Horamavu or around bagmane tech park.Howz VIBGYOR Horamavu.They said that they l follow integrated syllabus till son is CBSE based student. Learning CBSE helps kids to do good in competitives..But if I choose VIBGYOR integrated syllabus.will that help my kid in competitives further like CBSE.Or do my kid will face any problem.kindly any parent or VIBGYOR or Chrysalis help us in this regards.Thankyou

go4abhi 2017-09-14 09:02:32


Hi, i am looking for an admission for my son to Chrysalis High Horamavu. Can you please let me know your feedback for the school?


loginamrita 2018-09-12 14:00:28


Can some tell me the fees structure of Vibgyor High School in Horamavu for my 2yrs 10 months son .I want admission details for this school like from what age they start taking childrens.Thanks..


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