Looking for a good ICSE school near Bharatiya City, Thanisandra, Bangalore

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DipaliK 2017-01-06 12:14:15


Hi friends, my family is planning to relocate to Bangalore, thanisandra area. I have been frantically surfing the internet to find one good school following the ICSE curriculum (affiliated to CISCE board) in and around thanisandra, yelahanka, hebbal, but in vain.
Requesting all you lovely parents to help me in deciding on a good school for my daughter who is seeking admission in Grade 3 in the coming session 17-18.

Thanks all in advance and in anticipation.

DipaliK 2017-02-09 11:34:32



I feel quite lost as I do not have any friend/family to help me out in my search for a good school for my 8 yrs old daughter. Every bit of information from you all is much appreciated. We would be residing in Yelahanka. So was wondering if anybody could help with info for schools around this Yelahanka.


Kids29 2017-02-12 11:10:52


Hi dipaliS. We are also relocating end of March. Hubby is working in Manyata. I saw some schools online but don't have much first hand info. Trio world is a famous in Hebbal. There is DPS, vibgyor , aditi malaya. They all.look good online. Can anyone comment on these schools . How is north hills international? It's situated behind Manyata about 2 km from it. Any suggestions and recommendations welcome.

DipaliK 2017-02-14 14:16:30


Hi Kids29,

After much searching and discussions, we have shortlisted two schools in North Bangalore (closer to our residing place - Yelahanka) - Vishwa Vidyapeeth, and Ryan International.
The first one is relatively a new establishment (2005 or 2007), but quite impressive, due to the following points :

1. teacher - student ratio is low; thus every child will get individual attention
2. less number of sections per class leads to lower degree of competitive feeling in our child
3. participation of every student in various activities
4. friendly and less stressful environment = happier child
5. concept of 'one parent in the campus every day' enhances the 'safety and security' aspect quotient.

Ryan is more established though. So we are still undecided. But most probably we would get my daughter admitted in Vishwa Vidyapeeth.

Out of the schools that you have mentioned above, we have ruled out DPS as it follows CBSE curriculum, Vibgyor also ruled out due to their unpleasant past incidence. Aditi Mallya seems to be a very expensive school, so I haven't even contacted them. Trio World has introduced ICSE curriculum only recently (in 2015). The website is quite impressive, but my husband is yet to visit the campus. North Hills International again follows CBSE curriculum, and we prefer ICSE board.

Vidyaniketan is undoubtedly the best ICSE school in North Bangalore, but there's no seat for Grade III.

Please let me know if you get any information of other good ICSE board schools in north Bangalore.

We are also in search for our stay in the same area. In case of any leads on good flats, please keep me posted. Thanks and all the best to you and your family.

Surya21 2017-02-15 12:59:08


My son is in ICSE school (Gopalan National, Hoodi)
Like you, i too thought ICSE is best and suits intelligent kids.
The curriculum is largely not properly regulated.
Text books have repeated lessons (between classes)
Syllabus takes sudden jumps : introduces complex concepts like LHS, RHS , decimals without putting the basics right.
I now repent for taking up ICSE.
I dont think our teachers who studies state board/cbse have enough juice to teach the very complex ICSE curriculum within the small working days that they get - combined with multiple tests.
For the same reason ICSE is also moving towards CBSE like curriculum.
Rethink before opting ICSE.


Kids29 2017-02-15 20:43:25


DipaliK and Surya21 Thank you for your valuable feedback. We plan on staying closer to Hebbal so Vishwa Vidyapeeth would be a little far for kids (6yr and 4ur old) to travel, considering we are new to Bangalore. Also we are inclined towards a chain school so that we can move around in Bangalore without having to pay admission fee repeatedly. My husband went to see Trio world, he liked it they have good campus and infrastructure. We are also looking at Vibgyor, jakkur and chrysalis High yehlanka. Any reviews which one is better of the two? As for the apartments- he visited Godrej woodman which is a huge community with lots of amenities but the rents are close to 35-40k. Another community he was Sobha moonstone whci he really liked. Large apartments, Peaceful and reasonable in rent. I have heard Sobha builders have nice communities in that area around Jakkur and yehlanka. He has been looking and would go around again this weekend..Will keep you posted.

DipaliK 2017-02-17 12:35:53


Hi Surya21 - I completely understand your concern and appreciate your feedback. Reason why I want my daughter to follow ICSE curriculum is because she goes to an ICSE affiliated school in Kolkata presently. I find CBSE curriculum quite biased in terms of the depth and capacity concerning certain important subjects. I had personally followed ICSE curriculum in my school days, so am inclined towards it all the more.

Hi Kids29 - Thanks for your feedback.
You may also look at Ryan International in Yelahanka.
Even I went through Trio World website and it seems to be a good upcoming school, though their ICSE wing commenced only two years back and they have only till class 7 presently. I didn't check Vibgyor as I did not consider it due to it's past unpleasant incidences, and Chrysalis High is also not in my list as it's a CBSE board school.
About apartments - Godrej Woodman is definitely one of the best complexes in this area. My very close friend resides in here. But I found it too expensive, so my husband has seen few other complexes/societies in Yelahanka New Town. Apparently, this part of the area is residential and quite peaceful. So we might look at residing in here for the time being. My husband liked Sobha, but he disliked the idea of having a burial ground adjacent to the complex.
Let's hope that this city embraces us and our families with warm open arms. All the best to you and your family.


TarunS 2017-02-18 13:04:01


I am almost on the same boat, recently moved, working in Manyta, would prefer anything nearby or around Yelahanka. Only difference is tht I am not limiting myself to CBSC vs.ICSC. My focus in finding a school where focus and individual attention to the kid is better. sharing some inputs, hope that helps.

Around Hebbal

No doubt, Vidyaniketan looks impressive. unfortunately no seats available. -(

Jain heritage - At a glance, play groud area is little small. Fee would be around 1.80lac + transport

Sindhi High - appeared to be crowded (may be I reached at wrong time, looks to be little short on play ground parking space etc.

Around Yelahanka:

Chrysalis appears to be good. Feel approx. 1.10 for class 3. good campus.

Vishwa vidya peeth: though have not visited in person, but the aspects are positive. new establishment, small batch sizes, in-house mother increases the collaboration between teacher and parent. topping on the cake, they have milk, lunch,, breakfast all in house. some relief for working people, and better for kids.

DPS: Though school is overcrowed now with ~12 sections running for each class. However, the campus is pretty big.

Thanisandra/ near by:

Bangalore International school: have seen from outside, not much info.

@Dipalik - since you mentioned about Thanisandra area, you can have a visit to Green Field school, located on the lane just opposite to Shobha city. Its ICSC affiliated. New establishment however owned by the group who are running couple of very successful schools in Bangalore. Since its new, personal attention seems to be there. Good sports facility like swimming pool, basketball, clay court tennis, cricket nets, football ground etc. At least extra curricular infra is impressive.

Hope this helps. Lets scratch each others back in the new city



Kids29 2017-02-18 15:34:34


Hi all, dipaliS. The Sobha apartments im talking about are near Godrej Woodman. The one near the burial area are Sobha city (if I'm. It wrong) TarunS. Thanks a lot for torj feedback. My husband has been looking around all day today. He was in Chrysalis High Yehlanka and was quite impressed..the campus is quite welcoming and the staff seemed very supportive too. The entire area is nice bright and clean.We have collected the forms and would go with Chrysalis Yehlanka or Chrysalis Horamavu depending upon where we finalise the apartment. He also went to see Royale concorde I kalyan nagar. Though the teachers are quite experienced but infrastructure needs improvement. Hope this helps.

Kids29 2017-02-18 15:50:51


TarunS, .I know this if a little off the thread but would tou recommend good apartment community near Manyata? My husband works in Manyata and since we will put our kids I Chrysalis High either Yehlanka or Horamavu branch. We are open to staying in areas in between Manyata- Yehlanka and Manyata-kalyan nagar. We are looking for a big society which is child friendly with lot of shopping places nearby. My husband has seen Godrej Woodman - is too expensive for us. Suggestions welcome.from.all.

TarunS 2017-02-19 00:20:09


@kdis29 - Hope you have checked about the affiliation of BOTH branches of Chrysalis. I have noticed that only Yelahanka and whitefield branch of Chrysalis are affiliated.


Will recommend bit extra diligence in deciding this aspect.

Take care


TarunS 2017-02-19 00:23:59


@kids29 - Sorry, I am not in a position right now to guide much about apartment etc. My family will join me in the month of May and around that time I will start my search.

Off hand, (and its entirely basis my personal observation), this area around Manyta is coming up in a big way. so apartment of choice should not be a limitation. all you need to decide first is between Yelahanka vs. Kalyan nagar schools. decent apartments will have all personal and social needs fulfilled. About shopping area nearby, have not found any good market nearby except for day to day stuff.

Will appreciate you sharing your findings from apartment search since you are early starter then me. Will be easy for me to decide once I actively go for after that. May be, both of us may end up at the same society ;-)


Kids29 2017-02-19 09:03:27


TarunS, Thanks for your reply. Yes we are aware of the affiliation and therefore we would go with the Yehlanka branch. Another reason being that my husband was not happy with the area around Kalyan nagar branch, since its a new branch it would take some time to establish. We would also be moving around May, hubby is just looking around if any good option comes up. Will definitely keep your updated on this thread. Good luck!

Kids29 2017-02-19 09:04:28


Read "kalyan nagar" as -horamavu

DipaliK 2017-02-20 11:45:22


TarunS, thanks a bunch for the detailed information on the schools. It'll surely help many parents in filtering out choices. I've asked my husband to check out Greenfield school as updated by you.

Kid29 - Hi! Thanks for the update on Shobha city. Fortunately, my husband has already rented a flat in Yelahanka new town in Sriram Suhana; though it is not a very expensive society, but surely a decent one with amenities and good security. There are few more good societies - NCC Meadows is one of them in this locality. We decided to reside in this part of the city to try and avoid the maddening traffic rush of Hebbal.
Hope we all cross each others path in this new city. Maybe my husband might have joined the same organisation as you Tarun, or maybe as your husband Kids29! :-)

abarnamuthu 2017-02-21 14:48:49



Iam planning to admit my son in one of the vibgyor school(either Hennur or Horamavu branch).
My office is in Bhartiya Centre of Information Tehnology, thanisandra road.
Both hennur and horamavu is fine for me from distance perspective, but I would like to know,
1) Which branch of vibgyor is best(Hennur or Horamavu) ?
2) What is the Fee Structure for 6th Std? Is it very expensive?
3) Will they allow French as second language and Hindi as third language?
4) French is new to my son as he had Tamil and hindi as Second and third language till 5th std, Will they start from very basics in french if we opt it as second language or we should be knowing the basics already?
Please can you guys throw your valuable suggestions.


abarnamuthu 2017-02-22 12:52:19


Can someone please provide me with some information pertaining to my requirement posted above. 

Whatever information you provide me will be of great help as I do not know anyone in Bangalore and iam totally new to Bangalore.

Please help.


TarunS 2017-02-23 11:55:45


A colleague of mine has finalized VIBGYOR Hennur for his kid. Unfortunately, he may not have answer to all of your questions. Good thing about VIBGYOR is that they are prompt and responsive. I guess you can gather most of the info by calling them up directly.

abarnamuthu 2017-02-23 20:49:31


Thankyou so much TarunS for your reply.
I have spoken to Vibgyor Hennur as well as hormavu branch.
They have asked me to come in person for gathering details and other stuffs.
So I thought of gathering some details before I visit them in the campus, atleast if i can get a rough idea about their fee structure(like how much will be admission fee,annual fee and term fees)


RajKolan 2017-03-12 08:34:59


Hi, I took admission in LKG for my kid at Vibgyor jakkur location. I done enquiry with 2,3 parents they given good feedback about this school. There is scheme going on they giving 75% discount on addmission fees. Recently shifted in Bangalore and working at Bharatiya City, this school hardly 5km from my office that's why I took admission here and also staying in jakkur location near by school. Let me know if u need any other details. Raj

roraj 2017-03-12 11:37:03


You can try in TRIO, got good feedback about this school....

Kids29 2017-03-19 23:19:43


@ rajkolan We are moving to Bangalore soon as hubby is working in Manyata. He went around for schools and liked chrysalis high in Yehlanka. We are also looking for apartments and the ones he liked are very close to Vibgyor jakkur. Now we are confused whether to send our 2 kids - 6 and 4 yr old to 5km to Yehlanka or just a couple of km to jakkur vibgyor. Our concerns with vibgyor jakkur are- 1.it is not affiliated to CBSE 2 Since the school is till 5th grade, are they planning to expand it or do they divert the kids to bother branches. Thanks.

Kids29 2017-03-20 07:04:53


@tarunS Just getting back on our previous conversation where you mentioned about the affiliation of schools. My husband went and looked at Vibgyor jakkur since we are planning to stay in thay area. It's s good school and would to pretty close. I'm curious to find out what if a not affiliated yet. Do schools get affiliations immediately after they start or till their first batch is in 10th grade? Just confused to wanted to confirm.

RajKolan 2017-03-20 09:01:42


@Kids29, After 5th grade they transferring there student to Hennur branch which opened 2yrs back. no problem for student admission , seats confirmed after 5th grade also at Hennur branch.


Kids29 2017-04-01 23:05:18


@rajkolan. Thanks for your reply. I thought so, since I heard there was some dispute for land in the Jakkur area due to which they were not expanding.

bbali 2017-08-10 13:10:43


Hi Dipali,

Have u taken addmission in Ryan Yehlanaka for ur child? Please advise how is it? I am also considering it.


DipaliK 2017-08-24 14:57:29


Hi Bhavna, After all feedbacks and reviews we read, we got my daughter's admission in Vishwa Vidyapeeth. It's been 3 months almost and she is quite happy with the method of teaching here. We, as parents, are quite satisfied with the school's approach towards overall development of the child, keeping academic growth in mind. My suggestion is that paying a visit to Vishwa Vidyapeeth might help you. My husband had collected the form of Ryan International before we zeroed on VVP; but his experience with them that day wasn't a good one. All the best to you and your folks. Take care

gayathri83 2017-11-30 06:47:49


any recent updates on schools, please share


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