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Rubu 2010-08-15 09:31:54


hi all,

I m moving back to india fm US after a long time. i want to admit 2 of my girls in a montessori school in BTM area , kormangala, someplace close to BTM.

If you have any recommendation pls suggest.. esp wud they take mid term in december... I wud be returning back around that time...


Neeti 2010-08-15 19:10:49


try headstart or little feat in koramangala...both are old and reputed!


apster 2010-08-15 22:40:38


Both my children go to a Montessori school called Siksha in BTM Layout. They have started a centre in Koramangala too this year. They started in 2006 and I think they have been doing a great job. My daughter is now in her last year of Montessori and has thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well as learnt a lot, which is why I have enrolled my son there too.

Their website is



Rubu 2010-08-16 02:04:52


hi, i tried headstart, they are saying, no vacancy.. let me see little feat and siksha.. siksha would be really close for me...and i hv heard only good things abt it.

hey thanks neeti and apster for taking the time to reply.

how is podar jumbo school in BTM. or little elly?




Rubu 2010-08-16 11:18:09


hey, i m so excited, i had mailed to a couple of schools and from that siksha only replied back positively. I would go and definitely take a look there. Hopefully they would give admissions to my kids...

Also, my child has been homeschooled so I m kinda scared. Do they take interviews in montessori schools?

my child is proficient in english speaking and can read fairly well. and writing is poor. and she can count only upto 20..

i know compaerd to indian kids she is way behind.. this does worry me.

Also my husband is still pushing me to try for admission for her in UKG> he wants to put her in 1st std at the age of 5 years.. I m trying to persuade him otherwise cause I know my child isnt ready.

lets see

u girls are so amazing.. thank you so much for all ur replies.. any other schools which take mid session..

any idea on how much is the fees in siksha? do they take donation/ and also is there any sibling discount?

thanks a ton



apster 2010-08-16 12:25:36


hi Rubu,

Siksha should be about 2K a month along with admission fees and extras of about 10K for the year. As far as I know there is no sibling discount.

For entry level there is no exam for sure, but for later stages I am not sure. But as the montessori method is meant for children to progress at their individual pace, I am reasonably sure it would not be a rigorous one. How old are your children?

I agree with you about 5 yrs being too young for 1st std - you will also find lots of such discussions in Parentree itself. In Bangalore you would also find most schools strict about 6 years entry age for 1st std. In fact some parents find it quite irritating because many schools are rigid even about a couple of months of difference.

You can mail me at for any info regarding Siksha - I would be happy to help.



megha30 2017-02-07 14:42:20


Hi, please share some recent reviews about shiksha, little feat and head start Montessori.

grill 2017-02-07 17:32:43


Also TLC Montessori is a good school

cmeghi 2021-12-08 10:53:03


Hi does anybody know good montessori schools in jp nagar? How is Manthana montessori house of children?


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