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rnimmagadda 2016-12-19 15:31:23


Can anyone share latest reviews about chrysalis high, Varthur. My daughter will 2nd class next year. I am mainly looking feedback in the below areas.
1. Teaching: Is the faculty experienced and capable to teach/correct students appropriately.
2. Discipline. I observed more of a carefree attitude in students these days. How is it with Chrysalis. Do they inculcate any values?
3. Extra curricular activities: how are the extra curricular activities planned? Are they too much in to them or they maintain balance between studies and these activities?

rm09 2016-12-21 08:42:17


The school has a balanced academic and extra curriculum activities and they has specialized coaches for each extra curricular activity. Overall, the school is good. 

shince 2017-02-02 22:56:19


Chrysalis high Varthur has a good balance of academics and extra curricular activities. In the KG/ primary classes upto 3rd std-parents will be happy as kids will most likely be able to manage the homework on their own,understand concepts well, there are no unit tests(only assessments till then). Teaching staff: Mixed feedback,especially in higher classes -middle /high school.Scope for improvement,at least in some sections w.r.t quality and consistency of teaching staff in higher classes .Attrition level of teachers is high in many schools in Bangalore and Chrysalis may not be an exception,based on what I have heard from parents.


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