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Shruthi 2010-08-10 14:42:07


Hi all,

We're planning on moving to Bannerghatta Road (Arekere) in about a month's time.  Our son, aged 3yrs and 2months goes to a montessori in Koramangala and we do not plan to change that for him immediately after we move.

I'd like to know if there are any parents on this group who have kids travelling this route or know of anyone who does the same?

My husband works in Koramangala and hence can drop my child in the morning (school starts at  9 am with a 15-20min flex).  The school ends at 1 pm and that's the time we're looking for a pick-up system in place.

Can anyone give me inputs?  Also, does anyone know of a good Montessori around Bannerghatta road/ J P Nagar 7th phase?

itawer 2010-08-10 20:23:20


HI Shruthi,

Wow! That wud be a really long commute for a young child. Arekere to Koramangala wud take at least 30-40 min one way, or even more depending on the traffic & time. Apart from that the route itself has a lot of truck & bus traffic. I think it might be better to shift him to a school nearer to home.

There are some good montessori schools like headstart ( in jayanagar), Roots ( in Jayanagar) and also in JP Nagar near to Ramaiah City / L&T City. Little Elly is also part Montessori. Where are u planning to stay? I am staying in the same area & my son goes to Little Elly near L&T City. If u need any more info, I'd be glad to help.

There is no dearth of playschools in this area- Eurokids, Kidzee, Roots To Wings, Heritage Academy etc... all are here.




Shruthi 2010-08-16 21:31:26


Hi Itawer,

Thanks for your reply.  I kind of slept over the issue for quite long

I'm aware of the distance (10km exactly to his school) and the traffic .  It's just that he's so well settled in the present school that I don't want to change it atleast for this academic year given that we'll also have to get settled in the new house and a new routine.  Too many changes at one go may not go down well with him..or us!

I've looked around for 'pure' montessori schools around BG road (we will be moving to L&T) and found only Learning Tree.  Can you tell me more about Heritage Academy? Where is it located?

I'm aware of Headstart in Koramangala, where is it in Jayanagar?  But then, the distance and traffic won't be any better.  And like I said, my husband works in Koramangala and so getting my son there isn't concerning me right now...just getting him back!

Do you know of any private transport service to schools in Koramangala..like NPS or Bethany High?



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