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Mommydear 2010-07-23 12:46:39




My daughter is 26 months old and speaks very few words. I want to get her checked by a speech therapist. Preferably in Basavanagudi/jayanagar area.

Anyone knows nay?

aanchal 2010-07-23 14:09:52


speaking very few words means poor vocabulary, whereas a speech therapist is sought after when the problem is stuttering, stammering, slurring, lisping etc. in fact, your daughter is too young to be labeled with 'poor vocabulary'..focus more on reading and talking skills. any further input from you will help me guide you better :)


Mommydear 2010-07-23 14:16:52




Thanks for your reply...the problem is that she understands everything but doesnt speak.  She says just 4-5 words clearly. When we tell her o repeat something she doesnt show any inclination towards repeating then....simple words liek car she can say KA and she can say r but then she doesnt.

I also thought that by this age she should have started speaking atleast more words clearly thats the only reason.



aanchal 2010-07-23 14:53:47


i know many kids around who do not speak more than 10 words clearly at the age of 2years..are we, as parents of this era, too worried about reaching milestones on time (or rather early) ? not sure, but a little delay in expressive speech is not a point of concern (you mentioned that her receptive speech is very good..so all the more, not a point of worry). you continue with your job of talking to her clearly (not using baby-language at all). sing her songs, show her word-picture books, read her short story books and keep talking to her whole day about little little things that u do. do not express your obvious expectation from her about her repeatition of words. she might lose interest in even listening to you. and do not stress so much on the missed sounds (like 'r' from car)..its ok to say KA..the more you correct her the less inclined she will be in saying. kids do not like to be corrected all the time. so let her speak with some mistakes. of course, when she makes bigger mistakes(like pointing out at cow and sating KA), just tell her in  a matter of fact  way "oh, you mean to say car".

have patience..she will soon be speaking non-stop (and then you will be actually stressed out)



drsonia 2010-07-26 09:38:52


Hello dear, I am Dr Sonia S V, I am an ENT Specialist and Head and Neck Surgeon.Speech delay in children most commonly can be handled by gentle one to one interaction[ with near and dear one ] and encouragement.However it is important to rule out hearing impairment.Hearing impairment does not mean she cannot hear you when you call her but a more subtle Hearing loss .In any case of speeck delay that is wht you first rule out.Visit an ENT specialist in your locality and get a basic hearing evaluating including an audiometry done[ if your child is cooperative].If the hearing is normal relax and give some effort to the child's vocabulary and for this youand the family members are the best person- avoiding TV more than an hur,encouraging reading stories,promting words during story time,encouraging more talk etc are some of the wyas

you can read articles on Hearing loss and the effect on speech at http://drsoniasv.webs.com/apps/blog/categories/show/699582-paediatric-ent

Dr Sonia Suprabha Venugopal
Consultant ENT Surgeon , Head & Neck Specialist
Dr Sonia & Dr Prateek's ENT ,Head and Neck Center,Sahakaranagar, Bangalore



spsbhardwaj 2011-06-22 12:36:01


 hi drsonia,

my son is 26 months old.he speaks a few words.i hv consulted frm a pediatric n ent spl,they told me nt 2 worry some child speaks later.they also told me problem can b serious only if child hs hearing problem.he did nt conduct any test bt asked me whether he listens u etc.i knw there is no hearing problem wid him b'coz he responds to every sound.he understands everything he understand wht i m saying.

i want 2 knw from u wht is d problem wid him.why he did nt speak like kids of his age group.he is sharp,active bt only this problem is making me worry all d time.plz tell wht i cn do 2 make him speak plz reply me query.waiting 4 ur reply




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