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180779 2016-10-15 09:51:43


hi, I am looking for good school near Manyata park for my daughter.she will be in grade 2.

pls share good school details and admission dates

thank you 

divyaram2702 2016-10-15 14:39:35


You can try:-

1) Kensri School
2)CMR National public school
3) Sindhi School
4) Jain Heritage

for admission to 2nd grade, kids have to go through an entrance test. Please contact the school to get information on examination dates and registeration procedure. 

180779 2016-10-15 15:03:07


Thank you for h prompt reply pls share feedback on 

- dps
- Vidya shilp
- Aditi Malaya 

thank you

divyaram2702 2016-10-16 14:18:23


DPS is a traditional school, lot of people find it over crowded. I have heard positive feedback. The forms are available online.
Vidya Shilp Academy:- please contact the school, in higher classes they make you fill a wait list form.
Mallaya Aditi:- Is an international school with a mix of international students and faculty. Call them to enquire about vacancies

Most schools conduct entrance tests in march or april once they have a  clear idea about vacancies in a particular grade.

180779 2016-10-16 14:42:29


Thank you so much, I will contact these schools for the vacancies

warm regards 


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