How/where to find a 40 day maid?

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1328 2013-04-21 15:10:31


 Hi Shruti ,

"m luking for a maid / lady for bathing new born baby n mother @ Akshayngr , BG RD ..

Can u share if u've any contacts asap .



Nidhi28 2014-11-20 09:41:54


 Iam looking for a maid who can come till mangalore to take care of the new born baby and mother for massage, bath, .... Tried all my contacts but could not find one . It would be really great if some one could help me out with this. Iam due in dec .... This is my mail id 
nidhihangal69@gmail. Com


palz123 2015-04-14 19:55:46


hi everyone.. i went thru the pain of finding a good massage lady for myself and my baby post delivery for 40 days. here is the contact of the lady hired. She is really good with baby n my massage and bath.
Manjula(9739053672). She resides in HSR layout and serves places 10-15 km around HSR. Also she is very reasonable compared to others.

Neets2016 2016-05-31 09:14:10


Thanks to this thread and another thread on Baby center site. I was also looking for a lady to provide good massage for baby and myself post delivery. Then I contacted Manjula (9739053672) as someone recommended her on this thread 1 year ago. I used her services for my massage for 2 months and for my baby for the last 4 months. I must say I couldn't have found a better person for post natal massage and hence writing this recommendation here so that other persons can utilize the services.

dhika 2016-07-25 13:53:48


Hi, how much does she charge for 1 month massage and bath of mother and baby?

DeeptiG30 2016-10-27 19:34:37


I am looking for a lady for Post Natal Massage for the Mother and the Baby in Thanisandra, Near K Narayanapura Cross Area.
Can someone please suggest somebody?


SushMith 2017-03-02 10:22:45



even am looking for 40 day care taker for me and my baby.. does Manjula speak Kannada? Cos we are from dakshin kannada and will Be more comfortable with communicating.

Does she stay back or makes up n down everyday? How does she charge ? Just to get a fair idea. 

Thanks in advance 

Bailley 2017-03-06 20:38:17


Incase anyone is looking out for a Malishwali in Bangalore you can contact Saraswati Amma - 9141768228, she is really good with her work, she provides Baby and Mother care post pregnancy.

SushMith 2017-04-02 11:08:29


HI ,
I am looking for malishwali in october.

I wanted to know a bit more information on Saraswathi amma.
Can you please mail me so that i can contact you :


SushMith 2017-04-02 11:13:30


Please anyone who can share information on manjula mail me at


Rashpilot777 2017-08-18 20:28:51


Hi. I stay In L&T South City Near Arkere Mico layout. My wife Is due on the 24th of september. We need a maid to do Give bath to mother and baby as well as live in along with all house hold work . Can you suggest anybody. It would be really helpfull. My email Id is

pramoda 2018-02-02 13:03:44


Hi All,
Any maid available for baby/mother massage/bath ,and laundry in byrathi cross area in hennur road?

Please help


dcp03 2018-02-07 14:44:17


Hi, Could you please let us know what are her approximate charges

Santu2 2018-02-08 20:52:53


Hi All, Any maid available for baby/mother massage/bath , in horamavu / K Channasandra bangalore?

GuptApriety 2018-06-14 16:56:35


Unable to connect to saraswati mama. Does anyone has her number

nandu12 2019-05-16 16:40:33


Hi All,

Any pointers for oil massage for new mom post delivery in ramamurthy nagar area would be really helpful.
I have verified with many local people but in vain.I am expecting by last week of may 2019.Please share any contacts so that i can speak to them arrange shortly as i am short of time


nitu22 2019-07-06 14:39:59


I have been availing services from Manjula(9739053672) for myself and my baby. She is available around HSR, Sarjapur, Bellandur, Kormangala area. She is very well versed in her job along with other general questions that concerns new mommy for their little one. She has personally helped me with almost any questions or worries I had for my baby or for me regarding any post delivery challenges. She has always tried to help despite being super busy and with no greedy intention in mind. Highly recommend her. You can hand over your little one in her experienced hands without any second thoughts.


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