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Neeti 2009-05-03 17:17:57



Would appreciate feedback on Liitle Feat Montessori in Koramangala.


Asmaan 2009-08-03 12:35:37


Hi neeti,


I am looking for school in case you zeroed in on one..please let me know..I really appreciate your help.




sharu 2009-08-05 15:42:12


Hi Neeti,

My daughter Saloni was studying in Liitle Feat Montessori- Koramangala till April this year.

Liitle Feat is very good preschool with montessori teaching method.

They take care of kids very well and you will notice good difference in the child. They prepare the child for adminssion to  bigger school and montessori method makes basics very strong. I would reccommend this school. 




Asmaan 2009-08-06 12:15:55


HI Sharvari,


Thanks a lot for your feedback. Can you tell me which school is daughter going to now.


Thanks and Regards,




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