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Sinjeeta 2016-09-27 12:57:05


I m looking for a school in ecity. Preferably icse or cbse board.hw is ecity dps.

anjalikr 2016-10-05 12:22:29


Hi... looking for a cbse school in EC.. went to DPS today and collected the form for LKG,.. Hearing mixed reviews about the school.
Have u got any info.. I am really confused,
Few schools I could find nearby are
1. DPS
2. St.Xaviers
4. SFS
5. Treamis.


Sinjeeta 2018-02-15 15:49:44


Hello Request your views on dps, VIBGYOR n st xavier's in e City. Which one is better academically n infra vise

kans12345 2018-02-15 16:49:23


I went to DPS and St Xaviers personally....St Xavier is relatively better approachable from Ecity Neeladri road than DPS. DPS is remotely located (and so the VIBGYOR) and very expensive (i was quoted 2 lakhs without transportation, in which 1 lakh as one time fee and then yearly increase of 10%). St Xaviers quoted around 1 lakh as fee. St Xavier told admission is around November, not sure whether they still take admissions.

DPS had good building infrastructure and decent size ground. However, i saw one father was badly scolded by the receptionist bcoz he missed PTM and he came other day to meet the class teacher without prior appointment. Poor guy travelled from Hosur. But the receptionist refused to give the phone number of school teacher and kept him waiting saying all teachers will leave with school bus and they wont meet without prior appointment etc etc. I found it hard to digest after paying so much money, travelling so far, and this poor father not allowed to meet the teacher. May be the same case in other schools as well, may be the father is mistaken came directly. Not sure.

My friends son and daughter are going to VIBGYOR and they are finding it good. I think VIBGYOR is ICSE and DPS is CBSE. I havent enquired VIBGYOR Ecity fees, but the VIBGYOR Kadugodi fees was something around 1.3L. They had AC class rooms for Nurrserry, smimming bool and excellent basket ball court in Kadugodi. Not sure about anything VIBGYOR Ecity, may be you can visit and see. 



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