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JinuT 2010-06-17 16:22:08


Hi All,

I am very new to parentree and glad to see all the discussions. I know many parents have asked the similar query. I have gone through many reviews about the schools, but getting more confused as I read.

First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Jinu currently located in London. Planning to move to Bangalore by 2011 April-May so that my daughter can start her schooling there. She will be 4 by next April.

We are mainly looking for schools near by Sarjapur-Outer ring road-HSR area. I have shortlisted few schools based on internet reviews which includes 1 or 2 whitefield schools as well. We are coming for a vacation in August and planning to visit few of the schools so that we can finalise one. Please find my list below.

  • Inventure Academy
  • DPS
  • Gear
  • Treamis
  • Deens Academy
  • Prakriya

We would prefer schools with CBSE syllabus and giving equal priority to studies and extra carricular activities.

I would really appreciate any comments and help to finalise 1 school. Please add if you have any more good schools to the list.

Thanks in advance.





anwesha 2010-06-18 16:23:37



Other schools in & around this area are:

  • NPS - HSR Layout
  • Primus Intl
  • TISB
  • Indus Intl

I live in RBD layout on Sarjapur road and my daughter goes to DPS. She is in Nursery. Do let me know if you need any further info.




JinuT 2010-06-18 16:27:11


Thanks Mangala. Can you please share your experience with DPS? I saw some bad reviews about DPS East.


anwesha 2010-06-20 22:45:19


It is too early to comment as my daughter started to go to DPS only from 3rd of this month.




Madhuu 2010-06-21 09:11:22



One of my colleague's son and daughter goes to DPS East and he is happy with the School.

You can even consider Greenwood High. One of my friend's daughter is studying there from past 4 years and she is very happy with the School (both academics and extra curricualr).




vinalchawla 2010-08-05 14:38:59


hi anwesha,

m planning to put my son to dps next year for L.Kg. can u pls share ur exp as its almost 2 months ur kid goes there.

one more thing is the admission process easy in dps??

where do u live? do they have good bus facility??


anwesha 2010-08-05 15:14:46


Hi Vina,

Am pretty much happy with the school. My daughter loves to go to DPS. Admission process was pretty much simple and they update the status online so we don't have to follow up in person as such.

I live in Rainbow drive layout on sarjapur road. You may get in touch with me once you move from London. Here is my email ID: Anwesh is my daughter name:-)



vinalchawla 2010-08-05 16:14:46


hi mangala,

m vinal, & m staying in bangalore on ols airport road.

but we r planning to move to outer ring road or sarjapur very soon so m looking for schools around there.

would like to b in touch wth u, not only for admission process but also as a freind.

my email id is,

one more thing wat are the school  timings for ur daughter??




anwesha 2010-08-05 16:29:58


Hi Vinal,

Pleasure is mine to befriend with you. School timings are 9am to 12pm upto UKG. My daughter gets picked up at 7:50am and they drop her back at 12:20pm. She travels by school transportation.





shuma 2010-08-05 17:01:55



Even my daughter goes to DPS ,and she is in nursery, and i am really very happy sending her to DPS .About trasportation, they are very prompt at doing their job, i was scared initially sending my daughter by school transport, but  now i am really very happy, even the driver and aaya takes good care of the kids in the bus

My daughter loves going to school and when she is back,i see ear to ear smile on her face:-)


vinalchawla 2010-08-06 13:43:31


hey mangala & shuma,

its really a great help to me to hear tht ur daughters are in nursery in dps & quite happy...

good to hear tht transport facility is also good...

i really pray tht my son gets thru the admission so tht all our kids can be frnds...

one more thing do they get homeworks etc?? & wat abt other activities ?

thanx a lot...

god bless u..



smijacob 2010-08-07 13:24:54


Please find my review of Prakriya.



vinalchawla 2010-08-08 18:44:08


hey smita,

it was really good to get an eloberated review of prakriya school....

i didnt know anything abt this school not dven the name so it was a real eye opener for me...

smita the review is of 2009, i hope it still remains the same after one year...

one more thing i wanna ask is do they have transport facility??




vinalchawla 2010-08-08 18:45:53


hey mangala,

i wanna ask u wats the strength of the class in which ur daughter is??

& one more thing can u tell me wats the fee structure of DPS...




shuma 2010-08-08 19:34:46



no homeworks as of now, and they dont even pressurise kids for anything, but extreacurricular definaltey loads of activites, and they are learning many things in a good pace.

Regarding fees structure,its better than otehr schools

1st year definaltey u will ahve to shell out a big amount everywhere, like admission fees is around 30k,tution fees is 30k(apprx) 20k is a refundable amount,and 15 k is the trasportation fees, and they take more 30 k for some trust so dont be scared even in NHPS NPS  a few otehr schools they charge 90K  on an average in the first yr

but later u have to pay 31k every yr, thats it, other than transportaion which is pretty descent amount.

good luch cheers


smijacob 2010-08-09 08:44:43



My kid is still in Prakriya..We do love the school a lot and everyyear our respect and love towards school increases exponentially :) ...Though i keep on updatng the review ,not getting time to update the same nowadays..But surely can reply back if you have any specific questions

They do have transport facility.






vinalchawla 2010-08-09 09:21:39



thanx a lot...

what r the timings for pre school there?? also do they have other activities of sports & music???

where do u stay & ur child goes in school transport??

another thing, ICSE sylabus is very tough & lengthy, how do they manage to finish all tht if they do not pressurise the child or not teach from itself?

can u throw some light on the fees structure also...

thanx again...



vinalchawla 2010-08-09 09:31:35


thanx shuma,

its really a great help to me...

so u stay nearby the school?/

wats ur daughter's name??



shuma 2010-08-09 22:27:32



yeah we moved to sarjapur road recently ,in PURVA SUNSHINE, earlier i was on old airport road, but hard luck, my daughter didnt get through the tough interviews in some of the schools, but i dont regret,i wonder how the schools expect from a 2.5 yr old to answer questions, so i guess its better that she is in a well balanced school

all the best


smijacob 2010-08-10 08:41:59



Preschool timings are from 10.00 to 1.00. They have sports,music ,dance and many other activities..But all these activities take better shape after reaching 1st standard..

We stay at Suncity,Sarjapur rd and my kid takes school bus..

I always felt CBSE is tough as they concentrate on entrance exam where kids mainly enter engg or medicine streams and ICSE is broad level knowledge..but it depends on u..ur opinion will be different than mine..

You can find few answers in my blog in the comments section..Other than that i feel my kid can pick up as school teaches everything on time..They didnt teach them ABCD or reading when they werein LKG..but by end of UKG ,kids could recognise the alphabets and by 1st standard ,without any difficulty these kids startd writing alphabets and reading small words and now reads stories as well..Also this was done through plays and drawings.Here kids doesn't say c a t is cat instead they try to sound the words "ccc aaa ttt " which i felt is very good as they don't byheart anything..I will stop for now or else i will write a full story :)

Fee u can check with school..u can find few ansers in my comments section too..





vinalchawla 2010-08-10 13:59:29



thanx a lot ,

i know the cat eg u gave is teach by way of phonetic, thts the the teach method which uses sound to learn the pronounciation...

well i m myself a teacher at +2 level, so have taught both cbse & icse boards...

thts y the question came...

anyways thanx a lot.....



vinalchawla 2010-08-10 14:02:46



thts good tht u moved according to the school requirement, even m planning to do same..

hey even i stay near old airport road....

wats the strength of the class in which ur daughter is??

u bought new flat on sarjapur, cos even i have to think abt tht..




smijacob 2010-08-10 14:09:37


Hey Vinal,

That was nothing to offend you and the phonetic way i explained as few parents came back to me (when i mentioned this in few of my replies in Parentree) as they couldn't figure out what the method i started explaining beforehand so that it clears out all the doubts


vinalchawla 2010-08-10 14:13:38



its o.kl, i didnt feel offended  at all...

i read ur blogs & really felt good, u really wrte good...



smijacob 2010-08-10 14:15:28




shuma 2010-08-10 16:48:12


hey vinal,

as of now we didnt buy a flat, our daughter was lucky enough to get admisssion in the month of may, so we had to shift in a hurrry u can say in one week we decided where to move and found an apartment, earlier my daughter use to go to EUROKIDS indiranagar, and i found it awesome, i was feeling bad that she couldnt continue over there as she was used to it, we took admission in EUROKIDS and paid the tution fees but when she got admisson in DPS we didnt think and move direlcty over here, though the EUROKIDS people didnt refund 12k as its in their policy , but i am okay as long as she is settled and very happy with this school

regarding class strength , its 38 studnets in her class, but its okay ,there are 2 teachers and 2 aaayas, and classrooms are pretty huge, so i like everything abt it, even they concerntrate on every student,in the PTM i get to know many things abt my daughter so they pay equal attention,(its better than convents, there are 60 students in one class.)

i didnt experience but people say the only drawback is the number of students in the school, the yhave 10 sections so it is too much crowded ,but i feel as long as the calls strength is not more than 40, i dont mind

so can u please tell me on which schools u are very keen? so that i can help u out.

we tried the following schools for my daughter where she didnt get through and in some schools we didnt want admssion



shuma 2010-08-10 17:03:12


hey vinal sorry ,my daughter just pressed the button of submit:-(

so i continue with the schools

  • SISHU GRIHA  (whre she didnt get an interview call as she was already 3 before june )
  • NPS  (Thanks God there she didnt get an interview call,and i dont know what is their criteria, but there is so much stress on every kid its better that we didnt get a call)
  • NEW HORIZON GURUKUL-( My daughter dint speak in the interview and they blamed thatdoes she speak at home? she goes to any playschool? and bla bla, on that basis she didnt get throught, now tell me kids take time to speak out infront of strangers, and teh first 5 mins they need to settle down, they started asking her what is ur fathers name? ur name , say one nursery rhyme and too many questions in 5 mins) i was very sad and scared that if this is the culture will my daughter get admissson else whre ?
  • PRAKRIYA GREEN WISDOM ( my husband wanted my daughter to study, so we went for the observation session, but somewhow in the back of my mind, i dint feel that this is the right school for my daughter ,and we ddint want to spend alot on her schooling truely speaking, y these days schools are ask for more money? its 66k from 1st to 10th std, excluding transportation fees, last yr, this yr i dont know, but the only plus point was class strenngth, i guess 20-25 kids) and we were more keen on cbse
  • if u pay more , the class stenngth will be less, and if u pay more class strengh will be mmore ,so somewhere u have to compromise,but 31k form next yr wont pinch me,but if it would have been any ohter school ,it would have been 70k which is i guess too much!!


regards shuma


shuma 2010-08-10 17:08:14


hey vinal,i would like to correct my last sentence of the abv post" its pay more and class strenght will be less, and pay less and the class strenght will b more "

u decide what u want!!


vinalchawla 2010-08-10 19:12:35


hey shuma,

thanx a lot for a detailed report....

my son goes to kidzone in domlur, very happy & settled there....

there the strength is not more than 18 kids & 2 tchrs & 2 Ayas...

actually the schools in this area r not in my criteria bcos :

1. Shishu griha : heard the admission to this school is impossible & they dont allow the parents inside the gate also. so i dont wana opt for this school at alll. moreover no reviews good or bad on net, so dunno which era parents put their children.

2. NPS : cos its only acedemics thts imp there, nothing else.

3. New horizon public school : Too many students in 1 class & the staff over there is very odd & takes so much fees & care a damn abt the parents..& m more keen on cbse only...

so now i am left wth DPS, new horizon gurukul, Gear school, Vibgyor & now i have just heard about Prakriya ( through this website only)

on this website i have not read good reviews of gurukul & vibgyor{sarjapur road br} so now m confused.

can u help me wth it...

also i wanna ask how r the rent rates in tht area??

its quite good to talk to u & found a good frnd in u....

thanx a lot



shuma 2010-08-11 09:42:50


hi vinal,

sishu griha is supposed to be tyhe best school as far as i know, but they only give admssion tothe kids who are born between june to sept,my daughter didnt get coz she was born in mid may.

vibgyor, i got mixed reviews ,and even i didnt want to pay 60k or 70k even though if we can afford i dont want to shell out a  big amount every yr, better i spend on her graduation:-) and Vibgyor was ICSE(and i heard they are not yet affliated to this board)

Deens Academy in white is also very good butthey increase fees every yr, like last yr we enquired ,it was 82k for 1st standard excluding transportation(if money isnt an issue this is a very good school)

Regarding rent, we wanted an partment closer to the main orad or on the main road u can say, so we opt this one

i can name some of the apartments in this area whre ther eis pic and drop facility on the main gate

SPRINGFIELDS, where rent is minimum 17k including maintence

divyashree ELAN, 18k, i have heard its teh best in this area

PURVA SUNSHINE where i am staying is around 15.5-16.5k, including maintence for 2bhk, and for 3 its 17k

so if u are okay with the 1 km inside from the main road then ,there are a very cheaper apartments like

SJR VERITY-14K with maintence, HM SYMPHONY for 14k, all are including maintence ,and they have all the amenites liek swimming pool, tennis court ,gym etc

Though DPS  7 kms from my house, it isa 10 mins drive, but kids take time, earlier my daughter use to come at  12;50, it use to take more than 45 mins, so now i have changed her bus, the only effort i have to put is to cross the road and pick her up , so she is back home in 20 mins:-)

hey can u tell me the age of ur kid? even Headstart and Bethany high in kormagala are supposed to be good schools

i didnt like NCFE ,  so i didnt try for it,even heard good revies of gopalan internaitonal, and gear is similar to prakriya,but as of now i am satisfied with DPS



vinalchawla 2010-08-11 15:12:42


thanx a lot shuma,

u really are a blessing to me, as m always bit anxios abt my son's school admission.

my son has cmplted 3 years in july...

i never heard of headstart , but bethany i know is not at all a good school 

i worked there as part time  teacher in junior college , so i know the management in & out & its quality also has gown down...

where is deens academy, have heard abt it but not known about its location.

one of frnds said tht shishu griha either takes a lot donation or a good recomendation for the admission, irrespective of wenever is ur child born...

thanx for the rent rates details...

one more thing did u visit any of the schools b4 filling the forms, i mean just to c the infrastructure & envioronment of the school...

someone suggested me tht u shd pay a visit to those schools u thinking to fill the form to chek...

so where r u from basically ?? & how long u staying in b'lore...

m from gujarat & staying in b'lore past 3.5 years...




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