The Samhita Academy - Bannerghatta road bangalore review

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Rakesh2016 2016-09-24 11:15:51


Dear all,

Wanted to hear views of parents whose kids are going to TSA Bannerghatta road. For last 1 year we have started seeing total change in attitude and behavior of the senior management there. We took admission of both our kids there mainly due to name of Infosys big wig Shibulal's reputation and also the principal at that time was a great person like Kamashki madam. After a brief stint she went away and new people were raised to various senior levels. All these have so much of attitude, every time we try to call for some help or issue ,all they start of first is with accusing the parent first instead of understanding the situation and providing a solution. Find them extremely RUDE at all times.... If you try to say something they will take it out against the kid...Wanted to know if anyone of you have faced or have heard of similar things.

Infact one day my son had fever but had exams so instead of school jacket which he does not find very warm he wore his. First period only their coordinator came and asked him to remove it -when he said the reason she infact said I also wear school jacket and I find it very warm!!!!! She totally missed the point that every person's comfort level with woollens is diff. and the kid was having fever. She made him remove it and did not even give any spare replacement from school. Result was he was shivering the whole day and when he reached home in the evening running very high fever!!!!

  Wanted to hear experiences of other people also.


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