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82raghav 2016-09-07 11:53:45


Hello All,
I am looking out for a good school near Vijaya Bank Layout (Bannerghata Road) within a radius of 4-5kms. Please suggest some schools out of your experience/research. These are the schools I have in my list but I am open to suggestions.
I have missed out on BGS NPS (Always had a concern with 35-45 per class strength but somewhere feeling guilty as well), Kumarans is quite far may be will think for 1st STD
1. Clarence public school
2. Kidzee Arekere
3. AECS Magnolia Maruthi School
4. Mitra Acedemy
5. Orchids International school
Another thing bothering me is whether to go for CBSE/ICSE. I do not want my daughter to slog it out. Sometimes I feel like to put her in schools like Kidzee and see her capability and decide on CBSE/ICSE. It would be of great help if Parents can clear this confusion. Is it going to be a tough situation for me to try out for 1Std in schools.
I am Ok to pay donation upto 50-60k and total annual charges(including all) up to 50-60k.

sb230132 2016-09-08 12:09:51


I have also shortlisted the same schools + Aradana Academy - Orchids. I too have the same question of CBSE or ICSE. My plan is to let my daughter join ICSE atleast for 3 or 4 years and if things go well i will continue else i will shift to CBSE. We can always shift from CBSE to ICSE but not the other way as it will become very difficult for the kid. Coming to switching school during 1st Std, in my opinion its not so difficult as long as you are ready to pay the fees and donation. Some of my colleagues who shifted to Bangalore from a different city had got admission without any problems. 

sb230132 2016-09-08 12:11:57


Small correction, we can shift from ICSE to CBSE and not the other way. ICSE has 13 subjects from V or VI grade. CBSE has only 6 or 7 subjects till X Std.

82raghav 2016-09-08 12:33:11


Thanks sb230132 for the inputs, are you preferring any particular school out of the list.
My preference for the moment are Clarence and Magnolia(3 kids from my apartment are admitted here).
Has anybody been successful in getting their kids admitted to Kumarans/BGS in PP2/LKG/UKG/1std
I could collect some info on CBSE & ICSE from my colleagues, it seems CBSE is more on academics and ICSE is practical approach.
ICSE requires more involvement of Parents.
Somewhere I read Clarence doesn't give much homework till 3-4std.

82raghav 2016-09-08 12:51:30


sb230132, did you get information regarding fees and donation details from Magnolia. Clarence it is like 1.2+ including donations. But it keeps changing may be based on the salary drawn by Parents.

sb230132 2016-09-08 20:41:01


Hi Raghav,
Yes ICSE requires more of parents involvement and it is more practical. AECS ( admn fee 70K (without any receipts)  + annual fee 45K + 21K (transport) + 10K (books, uniform ...). My priority is based on budget, i dont want to spend too much for nursery and kindergarten so my preference is Mitra, Aradhana, Shantiniketan Trust and last is AECS. 

rajikiran81 2016-09-10 00:01:57


Hi I heard that donation is 70k + additional fees for the year is 40k Regards Rk

82raghav 2016-09-30 13:56:45


Hi sb230132,
Did you get your kid admission done to any of the schools that you shortlisted.
Let me know if you checked any other schools.


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