Fighting against Fee Hike and Donations in Schools

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afreefun 2010-06-16 09:26:14



Dear Parents,

I am a businessman and a parent of 2 kids who are studing in Sri Vani Education Centre, Basaveshwaranagar. I have been indivisually fighting in our school against the hike in fee & donations. But I was aware that I cannot fight indivisually against the management of a reputed school.

So last month, I formed a parents association and now i have the backing of 80% of the parents of our school. We said no to the change of uniform/shoes, we have forced the management to stop the sale of books in the school premises as they were charging very high. I have also asked the parents not to pay the fees till the management recogines our association and revert back to the old fee structure.

Now the management has called us for negotiations on the fees structure / donations. We are sure that they must oblige to our demands as most of the parents are united.

Don't you parents feel that every school needs a parents association so that we can have a say on the issues which effects the parents.

I have been contacted by the parents of nearly 126 schools in bangalore and are very much interested in having their own parents association.

........A.R.Ashok Kumar Adiga


Sri Vani Education Centre Parents Association (R)

Basaveshwaranaagar, Bangalore

080-2323 1396 / 95352 79709 / 97423 82923 

Tip 2011-09-13 13:03:57


How do you launch a new parent's association at a school? I am interested for one at Sri Vidya Kendra The Smart School, sister organization of SVEC.


SariNag 2012-04-26 12:04:04


 I very much agree with u.

I like to join this parent's Association.

What are the steps taken to remove this donations.

I joined my daughter to school this year and paid donation, but i was not willing to give the donation, but there was no other way.



saibhore 2012-04-27 11:37:09


I too agree for the need of such an organization for every school..

Its pathetic to see the fee hike to such an extent which is not at all justified...

There is no impact if individually we tell our concerns to the school authorities , as there is no such feedback from other parents .

Kindly let me know how to lauch a new parent's association at a school...



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