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Vass 2016-08-01 13:06:21


The communication from the school is really bad,especially during bus strikes and National strikes ,they could not inform the parents.Most of those days, I go home after waiting for the bus and knowing from other parents of different school about the strike.The road is really bad to the school.An accident is bound to happen as there is a open Well (of farm land) is next to this narrow road.The school timings are pathetic.Kids have to wake up by 6.00 AM to get ready to the school.And you can imagine when one has to wake up to prepare break fast and lunch .The canteen food is very bad and really expensive.In my office a lunch does not cost more than rs 50 .But here the lunch is more than rs 60 for small kids :-). I have put my kid in to swimming (i.e He learned  swimming from gurukul for 2 years.Learning means he can save himself if he falls in a deep water swimming pool and can come out on his own). After completing swimming lessons for 3 years in the school,he is still the same(this I have noticed it to my recent visit to a out side swimming pool).I  do not know what they have done all these 3 years.Studies are the same with other schools,for this you do not need to pay more than a lakh and wake your kid up at 6.00 AM.He can join any school near to house(for 30k).A good sleep for the kids is essential to their physical growth.I heard most of the teacher kids are not in the same school. that's all for now....

Linu 2016-08-02 20:10:36


Hello Parents,
Any idea about Chrysalis Marathahalli?
I got very good reviews about that school from the web.
There are so many schools in that area like GIIS, Harvest, Primus, OAKRIDGE, DEENS,GREENWOOD HIGH
Anyone help me with the feedback of these schools?
Which is the better option in terms of academics and extra curricular activities?


Vass 2016-08-03 11:13:38


I feel the extra curricular activities will be best trained separately,if some one is taking care of the kid.Otherwise,as expected they just show on the record that they trained your kid for this and that :-)

Linu 2016-08-04 12:14:39


Thank You all for the feedback.
Does anybody know about the safety of the children?
I heard most of the teachers of Chrysalis doesn't recommend this school to their children..
Any inputs please..

Vass 2016-08-04 14:12:43


I heard the same from teachers :-).Its a new school,so as of today no major security/safety incidents...


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