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 Former member 2010-06-10 16:45:03


Hi all,

I want to know about gud schools in bangalore with quality education for my daughter.plzz suggest some schools which hav less hip-hop n more education in their school.

Thanking you,



Madhuu 2010-06-11 09:54:21


Please let me know which part of Bangalore.


 Former member 2010-06-11 15:15:23


any school cud b gud  in "SHIKSHA" ny in showiness...

thnx 4 ur reply


Madhuu 2010-06-11 15:24:53


BGS NPS, PSBB, Brigade School, Kumaran's, Clarence are good in Bannerghatta Road and JP Nagar.

Gear Foundation, VIBGYOR HSR, Freedom International are good near Sarjapur Road.


 Former member 2010-06-15 15:09:01 ths baldwin girls school???whn sud ia apply??rt nw my daughter is in playgroup.



Madhuu 2010-06-15 18:22:45


BGS is Bala Gangadhara Swami. What is her current age?


Anchal 2010-06-17 20:51:35


Hi Ishy!!

Bethany High School in Koramangala is a good school. Both my kids study there.

It is one of the very few school that follows "Multiple Intelligences".

Admissions are difficult to get at the moment...How old is your daughter? Perhaps 

 you can try for the next academic year...She must complete  4yrs or +  by May 31st




 Former member 2010-06-23 16:44:56


thnx a lot anchal.

my daughter is 2 yrs old.she is going to as admission in gud schools a bit difficult these days so i started enquiry frm nw only.i'm lookin4 baldwin girls u hav any idea abot tht???


Madhuu 2010-06-23 17:39:02


Ishy - I dont see any major problem to get admission in Baldwins....It will be tough get in Bishop Cottons...


Anchal 2010-06-24 10:27:42



Give Bethany a try, if you really are looking for quality education...You will not lose

anything. From waht i understand, your daughter will turn 3 next year, you can apply

for pre-nursery (i.e. pre-KG) in that case...


Madhuu 2010-06-24 10:33:07


Good suggestion Anchal.


 Former member 2010-06-30 16:38:35


Still i'm searchin for gud daughter wil turn 3 nxt wud like to knw abt d gud schools as d admission process wil start frm october..

two major thngs i wnt in a gud school:



plz keep suggestin


Anchal 2010-06-30 18:57:19


Hi Ishy!!

Firstly, you & your daughter will be free of stress till the 5th or 6th std at Bethany,

since they follow the system of  "multiple intelligences", like i metioned earlier in one

of my posts. Secondly, just to let you know, there are 30 children with 2 teachers in

 pre-nursery & 35 children in nursery with 1 teacher & an "ayya".

Choice is yours...Good luck!!


sannusmom 2010-07-01 16:33:18


Hey Anchal,

How far would Bethany be from Bilekahalli?Will they provide transportation?





 Former member 2010-07-01 16:37:33


Bethany is in koromangala..


Madhuu 2010-07-01 16:40:49


Bethany is aroudn 6-7 kms from Bilekahalli.


 Former member 2010-07-01 18:11:49


Hey frnz,

do u knw abt Jain Heritage School??here class strength is 30- 35 which is gud for kids..In baldwins its arond 55-60.plz keep updatin folks..



 Former member 2010-07-02 16:04:18


i've seen review of jain heritage academy.sumone written its too expensive it???in baldwin ,class strength is arond 60 as i knw...veryy cnfusd....

Plz keep sharin information abt schools....


vedsin 2010-07-05 06:43:58



Can anybody please help me with names of  the best schools in and around indiranagar and old airport road?




 Former member 2010-07-06 13:16:37


in Indiranagar,NPS,New horizon r gud as per my knowledge...


vedsin 2010-07-06 14:00:36


Thanks ishy ......are there any convent schools around this area?Do you have any idea about FAPS(frank anthony public school)......I am looking for a school for my 4 yr old kid....or any good international schools with reasonable fees...............





 Former member 2010-07-06 15:37:35


convent school in indiranagar.....nt cumin in mind....bishop cotton,sacred heart,baldwin all r convent.they r around MG road.y dnt u try them??its accessible distance from indiranagar..


 Former member 2010-07-07 13:13:06


Hwz baldwin??anybdy whoz child is isn baldwin girls school??ur review matter a lot to u ppl suggest sum schools with less class strength n gud education.???


 Former member 2010-07-09 13:13:39


hey all!!!!plz update me abt "Baldwin girls School" if ur ward is goin 4 the same school...


 Former member 2010-07-10 11:42:38


Hi, my daughter is in Std 2 in Baldwin girls high school, i have found the school very good and am very happy with the school....though the portions are hectic and requires parents to devote a lot of time on their studies, still am ultimately good education matters a lot in the long run...



shrivan 2010-07-12 04:28:05


Hi, my son will be turning 3yrs soon, and we will have to get his admissions to start pre-nursery in June '11. I have recently moved to B'lore and do not have much idea abt good schools. Has anyone heard about Innisfree House and St. Paul School in J.P. Nagar??  Pls suggest any other good schools (meaning, schools which work on all round development of child and not just academics, less/no home works, fewer student:teacher ratio) in and around Jayanagar...thx


Madhuu 2010-07-12 11:19:19



Brigade School - JP Nagar @Millenium, Sudarshan Vidya Mandir - Jayanagar T Block, Clarence Public School - JP Nagar 4th phase, St Pauls - JP Nagar, Kumarans Children Home - Tata Silk Form, Presidency School - Bilekahalli, BGS NPS - Hulimavu Bannerghatta Road, Christ School - Near Dairy Circle


shrivan 2010-07-13 22:41:07


Thanks Madhuu, that's all most like a directory of schools!

Couple of my friends kids are in LKG at Sudarshan Vidya Mandir (closest to my home) and they both are not happy with the education style, too much of home work, 4 pages of home work in the first month of schooling and not much of extra-curricular activities. Same story with Christ school, highly academic and quite burdensome syllabus.  Kumarans is a little far away, heard they were moving to some place on Kanakpura road (or they have already moved). Can anyone tell me about St Pauls, Clarence Public and Brigade Schools?



shankarrs 2010-07-19 16:55:45


 Hi, can anyone tell schools around Thippasandra, I live in Jeevan Bhima Nagar. I had heard about New Horizon, Frank Anthony and NPS - Which one will be best in this or any other which is better than this with less travel time.


Anchal 2010-07-19 17:53:44


Bethany High School in Koramangala is a good school. Both my kids study there.

It is one of the very few school that follows "Multiple Intelligences".

Give Bethany a try, if you really are looking for quality education...


 Former member 2010-07-19 18:08:33


NPS is very costly as i knw.even i'm searchin 4 a gud school.



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