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syed.shama 2009-04-21 15:02:38


my daughter is turning a year old now and i want to celebrate it in a hotel.

can neone let me know if there are some low budget hotels where i can host birthday party.

Can neone suggest me some places where i can host a birthday party in bangalore

Sumo 2009-04-22 09:30:03



Most of the Nandhini and Shanti Sagar restaurants in Bangalore have party hall which they give for Bday parties; the hall is free if you order food through them and it is charged per plate.   Starts from around Rs. 175 per plate for veg menu.

If you want some games/recreation, there are people in Ibrahim Street (parallel to Commercial St) who can arrange them - for eg. bouncer, balloon shooting, tatoo painting, etc.  They also undertake decoration and return gifts, if you want.

I think Parentree itself has more resources on bday party organisers and you can check them out.




syed.shama 2009-04-22 09:57:07


HI ,

I would like to go for a non-veg menu.

So it would be great if you would suggest me such place in bangalore.Can i get only hall in shanti sagar so that if i could arrange food(non-veg) from else where.




Sumo 2009-04-22 10:00:30



Shruthi 2009-04-22 21:49:15


hi..I think nandhini hotels offer a non-veg menu too.  you could try golkonda chimney for catering if you book a hall alone elsewhere.


Shruthi 2009-04-22 21:56:07


and yes..I've heard that lemon grass organizes kiddie-parties very well.  this is not first hand experience.  and they do the entire thing from catering to entertainment and return gifts.  I think so does yo! china...


syed.shama 2009-04-27 09:54:43


thanks shruti,

lemon grass looks a good idea will definitely check into it.Do u knw any hotels where they wud rent out only halls so tat we cud arrange our catering ffor food.


MANSA :) 2009-04-27 15:46:11


Hi Shama,

I personally conduct bday parties for kids(theme/ basic).I know a couple of places in the center of the city like richmond town, Brunton road etc., for a good price without having to order food from the venue.

We have a medium sized hall for kids which we rent out for parties. Let me know if you want more details on the same.

My no. : 9986920924 - Mansa. :)



BettyNsharath 2010-05-18 01:08:54


Hi Mansa!

I would like to know more of it as my daughters bday is on the 21st of the month ;

we initiall planned to have it at Bal bhavan,

but due to the climate -we have put it off

another problem is we would not have more than 12 kids from her class and may be some of their parents.

im in a fix and would really like to take a call soon.

i`m available @,




UMAKRISHNA 2010-05-24 16:52:25


 try appleofmyi Indira nagar - they have a venue for about a 20 kids party - their parties are fun.


savsav 2010-06-15 10:58:55


Hi Mansa,

I am looking out for a small hall for about 25 people. Food will be oraginsed from outside. A place where to sit, chat, Dine n wine.... will u please let me know anything in Koramangala area .....


AarthiPrasanna 2012-03-08 16:56:29


I m looking out for a small party hall to host my daughter's 1st bday. Party hall should accomodate 40 to 50 guests. I would prefer it in the vicinity of Vijayanagar. Suggestions please.

I would like to know where I can get return gifts (at wholesale rate) in bangalore.

Kindly let me know






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