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Shweta07 2016-05-18 23:57:50


Hi All, We are relocating to bangalore from abroad in july and looking for a icse school near sarjapur road for my 2 kids to go in year 7 and year 2. Feedback for schools around this area would be highly appreciated. Some people mentioned schools like bethany, cambridge etc. Please advise . Thanks Shweta

 Former member 2016-05-19 14:20:03


I lived on Haralur Road (off Sarjapur road) for 2 years. My brief inputs 
Bethany is a good established school.  Gaining admission may be tough though. You can try for your younger child. Bethany has online admissions for their preschool. Keep checking their website from September onward
Primus is also considered a good school. It has a large campus, well ventilated classrooms, The school offers IGCSE in the 9th and 10th standard, apart from ICSE. Admissions are relatively easy. 
If you are looking for an alternate gurukul type of school, you can consider Prakriya
Greenwood High also offers ICSE curriculum. 
Vibgyor Haralur road offers ICSE. A friend´s kid goes to this school, and she is very happy with the school. I personally found it too commerical. 
If you are open to international board, you can check Inventure, Oakridge, TISB, Greenwood High-all located on the same stretch. 
Inventure offers a blend of NCERT plus IGCSE curriculum. Oakridge has a very impressive campus, but am not so sure of the quality of faculty. TISB offers IB, is very academically stringent, has the highest fees. Greenwood IB, I knew someone who was  a teacher there, she said it is a pretty relaxed school, with plenty of holidays. In not many words, she did not recommend the school. 


Shweta07 2016-05-19 17:31:11


Thanks joeysmom for the useful information. Any feedback on cambridge school's newly opened branch near harlur road?? Also any indicators on fee structure. Thanks in advance Shweta


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