Looking for admission for my 3.5 yrs old daughter near sarjapur road

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nitrs 2016-04-25 11:43:23


We are staying in Sompura Gate, Sarjapur Road Bangalore. We are staying in Bangalore for past 5 yrs. We are looking for admission of my child who is getting 4 yrs by this July. We are looking her to get admission from June session to a good school. She was with Little Elly for 1 yr & 6 months with Cherubs Montessari. Very confused with schools. We do not want to put her in a very hep school like Oxford, but one with reasonably good exposure. Some options we looked at
Not sure about Greenwood high, also looks like Oxford. 
Appreciate you suggestions for any better option, or which among above would be best for her.

pawan05 2016-09-02 17:38:57


Did you get into any School by now? please share your experience

suchi1003 2017-01-17 15:23:13


Please share your experience. Looking for a school for my 4 year old daughter and i stay on Haralur road.

asblr12 2017-01-17 21:52:42


What's your budget. As per my knowledge gained through previous posts 1. Harvest is around 1.5 lacs initally followed by 1 lac everyear @10 percent hike every year + approx 35 for school bus + 7 K for books 2. Greenwood is pretty expensive than that. 3. DPS but I think this year admission would have been already finished as they give admission form in October itself. DPS will be around 1 lac initally followed by 65K annually+ transport charges. Reviews are mixed 4. St Patrick's and peters are ICSE syllabus. Anyone please correct me if there is any mistake from my side.

nitrs 2017-01-18 00:24:47


Hi All,
Thank you for your response. Sorry for a late reply.
We admitted our child to Harvest. We first had got DPS also, but just before finalizing we got to know few seats are available with Harvest so preferred harvest. DPS was also a good choice I think, but the only reason it being more crowded, and stress on English not very good, teachers are not very experienced, as per feedbacks received. Harvest provides more attention to children and English is good as teachers are good too. My opinion DPS is also a very good choice as kids have a better exposure, not limiting to co-curricular activities but competitions etc. also. 


SK2017 2017-01-18 10:08:49


Hi can anyone let me know if they are sending their kids from Haralur road to St Francis jakkasandra

Srirema 2017-01-18 11:59:09


I too tried n got in DPS but didn't opt for it being crowded. I am looking good at BRS Global at sarjapur. Any reviews on it would help.


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