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23vidya 2016-04-14 11:12:42


I'm vidya, looking for school admission in Whitefield for my son for 2nd standard. Pls suggest.

pravso 2016-04-14 14:54:46


HI 23vidya,
Admission in a main stream school for 2nd std may be an uphill task. Branded schools take up admission in these schools only in case an existing student quits. 
Well as mentioned above Chrysalis high is a very good option. Other top option you could consider are Delhi public school, The Deen's academy, Vydehi school of excellence, Inventure academy and orchids international.


23vidya 2016-04-14 16:30:23


Hi, Thank you for the information praveen. My son studying in DPS Electroniccity, but Whitefield dps is worst infrastructure. And they are charging more than ecity dps. We didn't feel like to continue there. So planning to change the school itself. Thank you once again for the info. Best Regards, Vidya.

23vidya 2016-04-14 16:56:01


Thank you den. Will check

pravso 2016-04-14 18:28:51


Hey Vidya,
I'm sorry for being dumb here but I didn't understand what you just said..:P 
Is your son now studying in DPS electronic city and you are trying to change his school.? or you already changed his school from electronic city to DPS Whitefield and you are not happy with infra and fees and wanna change his school again.?

Choose wisely when you change and pls have someone close who knows well about schools around before you decide. Coz.. as u see throughout this website... der are issues with every school. choose what suits you and your kid best.
Post here if you need more help.

You're welcome,

23vidya 2016-04-14 20:08:54


Sorry for the confusion. We are planning to shift to Whitefield next month, so had been to DPS Whitefield just to enquire, by seeing the atmosphere we didn't feel good vibes. So we had decided to not go for admission. Will find some other school. What about Ryan international or Vibgyor in Whitefield. Thanking you, Vidya

pravso 2016-04-15 11:28:38


OH.. Thats a good decision i would say Vidya. The Whitefield branch has and is losing its standards.
Ryan international is a old name in the area. They are ok if you are considering a normal education. Fees are on the higher side. Infra is good. Extra curriculars are lesser.
VIBGYOR is coming up better these days. But it is always in the news for bad reasons and surrounded by controversies. You can go there and have a look for yourself before you decide on this.
Honestly there are better schools around than these two. 



skdas 2016-04-23 12:39:44


Hi All,
I am a new member of this community. And the reason behind joining this community is same as other parents . I have few queries, and I hope I will get the answers of all my questions here.
1) I have a son whose age is 3.6 yrs. His month of birth is Nov 2012.
2) He has not been to any school earlier, due to my frequent change of job locations.
3) Three months back I have brought my family to Bangalore. And I put him to a play group for this session end. 
4) He knows much more than what the nursery syllabus has, but I inquired in few schools they are not ready to take him to LKG and they are saying as he is not 4 yet , he can't join in LKG. He is eligible for Nursery only. Is it OK. As the new session will start from June, that time his age will be 3.8 yrs and like this when he will be in std 1 that time he will be 6.8. Almost wastage of 8 months.
5) Need some suggestion from the experienced parents what to do.
6) And the most important thing is selection of school. If any one have some updates regarding schools near Marathahalli & Karthik Nagar (Good Schools having balanced syllabus(studies & extra activities), fees structure, etc.) please let me know.
7) I am asking this help because I tried to contact many schools to ask these questions, but no one is ready to answer me in phone. Everyone is asking to come down to school first. As currently I don't have any vehicle with me, its very difficult to visit each and every school.

Waiting for responses & helps.
Thanks & Regards,


Ric04 2016-09-10 19:12:38


I am searching school for my daughter for Lkg. Liked deens academy but admissions are opening only for Gunjur road campus. I am not too keen to send my daughter this far from Kundalahalli. Admission to ECC branch opens only post Jan based on seats. It might be too risky as admission to other schools might close. GNS looks good option but not very sure about PU post 10th. Any advise would be helpful


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