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31kb 2016-04-11 05:31:08


Hello Everyone,

I am looking for good school for my son (7 yr). Currently I am in London and moving to Bangalore in month of May. Here my Son is in Grade 2.
i really need your valuable opinions, feedback and experience about the schools. Just for further information, m gonna stay in Adarah Palm retreat so looking for school in and around that area!

Also if you guys throw some light on CBSE and ICSE board that will b really appreciated.

Many Thanks,
awaiting for your suggestions,

1001 2016-04-11 22:37:13


I am also from near london. We are also searching for good schools in sarjapur road. I spoke to quite a few number of schools from here.We are also will be in bangalore in the month of may.
Almost all the international schools are accepting it. I spoke to Primus, GIIS, IIS, Harvest intl. and chrysalis high. My first option is st. peters in sarjapur road as the fees looks very reasonable and also the academics. We got a appointment with the principal through one of our friend in bangalore who's kids are in the school. 
So we will decide after going to the school. If it is not happening we are planning to see other schools.
Have u contacted any schools there and got any feedback.


31kb 2016-04-13 21:48:16


Hello there,

My son was with Gear International earlier in Montessori. This is very good school for Montessori, so I have been contacted to this school so far. But have gone through couple of schools websites yet. By reading online reviews about New Horizon Gurukul and found out kinda ok school not so good. 
Greenwood High also in mind now.
Which board you are looking for?



1001 2016-04-14 15:49:30


I am not looking into particular board, I am looking into a school near to my husband's office that is within 5 km radius from his office. As for as the internet analysis, and with my friends there, I heard GIIS is good. But the fee is very expensive and they increase fee by 10 to 15 percent every year. St peters looks better for us with regard to fee and academics. It is a ICSE board. If we are not able to get admission there, then our second option is Primus. And we are planning to go and see few other schools like anand siksha kendra, GIIS and Harvest intl. I called New horizon gurukul but they are very bad at responding. I don't mind saying them that they don't have seats currently, but the the way they said is not at all approachable. So we are not going to go to that school even though it is the nearest one to my husband's office. My daughter is 9 and half years old and will be in 5th grade. And she did her studies from the beginning in UK. I also called greenwood high and it is even more expensive than GIIS and apart from the money, when I called them, they didn't also respond very well. I would have called atleast more than 10 phone calls. But it has got good reviews. anyways they are not that rude like new horizon gurukul, but i am going to keep it as last option.

31kb 2016-04-16 01:07:56


I am also looking for school near to my house. Yes I got to know about Horizon which is no no to me. As of now I am looking for Gear International and Primus. Where do you put up in Bangalore? In India getting admission and finding good school is difficult.


richapriyanka 2016-07-09 15:44:52



Adarsh palm retreat is a very good place to stay as most school buses will have a drop point there.
CBSE is best if you are looking for indian engineering or medical exams. But at class 2 you can think whether you will want your child in a board which is based mostly on textbooks. Although you will find good CBSE schools easily.
I have also shifted in Adarsh and looking for schools presently. I browsed through your post and wanted to leave a reply because of the tiresome hunt for a good school .
Greenwood high, inventure academy, Silver Oaks International , Indus International are some of the schools I have researched upon.


groovyach 2016-08-02 12:46:44


Even I was struggling to find a school. I looked and inquired at lot of schools and finally zeroed down on INDIA INTERNATIONAL's pre-activity center for Senior KG and I must say I was very happy and satisfied with the teachers. Considering, that we as parents need that the teacher shoudl be one to one basis with your child, I must say teh preactivity school is really good. However if you rae looking for a fancy environment, please dont even bother looking at it.
I moved in from Mumbai nd spent 2 months looking for a good school, more apt to stay looking for a good staff and prinicpal. The principal hema pai is just excellent. My son never had a second langauge in Senior KG back in Mumbai, all he had was 4 months to learn it whichever School we finalise and I was very vary that he would lag behind as most of teh schools were reluctant and wanted him to repeat a year. But here at IIS preactivity centre, his class teachers one statement,right when I met her the first day while I went enquiring about this school was "Dont worry mam. we will not force him. We shall work on him and you too please try. we will ensure we dont compare him with other students in the class but to his own progress." and I was so satisfied that I decided that this was the place i wanted my child to be in. And trust me no academic pressure and yet they did it with a very good focussed approach and his performance after 4 months in second langauge(Hindi) was fantastic! So going by my experience of preactivity centre, I am trying the main campus and my child is in Grade1 now.

So far  am happy as it is been just 3 months in the main campus.

suchi1003 2017-01-17 14:52:38


Hi 31kb and 1001,
Did you find a school to meet you requirements? I am looking for a school for my 4 year old daughter. We have been out of the country for the past 1 year and will be returning in March. Please share your experiences.


truemommy 2018-01-26 21:49:57


RichaPriyanka, could you share some of your thoughts on Silver Oaks.? Which school did you choose eventually? Thanks!

Homeiscalling 2018-04-02 09:16:49


@truemommy.. I have to do the same what these guys have done an year before.
If you are in this boat, lets join this search.. Gear is my top option

123ran 2021-11-21 20:59:14


Hi, in which school you eventually took admission? I'm looking for admission in either St. Peters or Primus. I'm not able to decide which one to finalise based on teaching quality. Request your feedback.


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