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supi1981 2016-04-06 01:52:16


Hello Parents,

I would like to know the general admission process with approximate timelines of admission to any of the Ekya branches in Bangalore. I am an NRI parent so these timelines will greatly help me in planning my return . Few questions on top of my head , please add further

1. Admission forms would be give by September and should be returned back within what timeframe. Our relatives in Bangalore can go this for us , correct ?

2. By when and how would we know whether the form got accepted

3. Is the next step a personal interview ? Is it mandatory for the child to attend this ?

4. How many days after interview would we know about the selection

Thanks for all your help in advance

supi1981 2016-06-22 08:08:34



Can someone whose gone through the whole admission process respond please
Thanks in advance


supi1981 2016-07-01 18:51:18



This is such a large group and I have read parents discussing on ekya school reviews/admissions . I assume that some folks who are

asking school reviews have actually admitted their children into the school. But none of them are answering my question on the process which they have gone through to get into the school.

Can someone be helpful and give us folks who do not reside in Bangalore insight into such questions. It'll really help us a lot as we cannot personally visit schools

Thanks in Advance




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