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Ran 2010-05-28 20:00:43



am considering putting my little one to little elly ......can anyone give me a feedback aboutthis place....seems to be a nice place but will feel more better if there are more kids attending ..

sannusmom 2010-05-28 21:41:29


Hi Aanchal.

Thanks for your post.I am planning to join my son in September to Eurokids or Little Elly in Bilekahalli.

Found Euro Kids good.Not sure of Little Elly as it is very new.

Do you think I will make a good choice if I join my son in Euro Kids?How is care taking,safety and teaching there?



itawer 2010-05-28 23:18:09


There is a new eurokids whihc has just come up next to Bata/ Aishwarya Parkland. The school location and ambience is really good and the person running it also seems competant.

THere are two little elly schools in this area. One near SOS Village, opp to meenakshi temple & one near Ramaiah Layout. Both the franchises are run by Ekta. I find her to be a prson who knows what it is to run a playschool, she is very confident handling parents anxieties, is very well conversant with the curriculum the school follows and in general is a person who is interested in kids education and is not only running the franchise as a business.

I have put my son in the Ramiah City one only because it is older & more settled than the other one. Also they have a day care too so i can even keep my child for an extra hour for an Rs. 100 on some days if need be.


aanchal 2010-05-29 09:00:55


dear asha,

eusrokids in bilekahalli(vijaya bank colony) is a very good school. the teachers are so warm and receptive and i guess thats all that matters most in playschool. they have a nice set-up.good gym, big classrooms, good play materials. i have no idea about little elly in that area.

take care!


sannusmom 2010-05-29 13:30:29


Many Thanks Aanchal :)




Nalanda 2010-05-29 17:00:47



We're looking for good day care centers in Sarjapur Road for our kid who is 2.5 yrs old. we have been to some, but not sure how good they are when it comes to caregiving. Does any one recommend a place, where you have experienced that the teachers and nurses are totally trustworthy...

Any idea about little elly preschool near Bellandur..

would be really grateful if you share your experiences.






sannusmom 2010-05-30 13:19:14


Hi Nalanda,

Did you check with VIbgyor high?

One of my friend's daughter goes there and my friend is very happy.It is more of a school than a day-care centre.



SoumyaSG 2010-12-14 21:46:12


Hi Ran & Aanchal,

Any idea how is little elly in banashankari 2nd stage, basavanagudi, bangalore?  want to join my 3.5 yr old kid to a good playschool near bsk2nd stg or kanakapura rd.




aanchal 2010-12-15 09:53:59


sorry, no idea !


hiradhu 2010-12-15 10:49:41


 My daughter was in LE - Bellandur for almost 3yrs, even now I send her to daycare - 4pm to 6pm for free play.

She used to enjoy both Play school and Day care.


lira 2011-01-11 06:59:27


hi my daughter is going to littel elly indira nagar...i found it a nice school.teachers r good,they speak nicely bt i feel they should do more activities...


connectgayathri 2011-01-17 05:00:43



any idea abt little elly hsr layout?


umalinir 2011-01-17 19:24:03


hi...i am thinking of day care in Little Elly in Indiranagar or Kagadaspura.  Pls lemme knw how is day care here. ..fees?  Thanks a ton


Aniraj 2011-01-17 21:48:00


 Hi..I am leaving in Old Madras Road near Tin daughter is 1.8 years old now and we want her to join a preschool/play school. 

Can anyone help me with option of good and caring preschool/play school in this area. It should not be far!

- Ani


MyMom 2011-04-05 17:53:40


Hai Hiradhu...

I would also like to enroll my daughter in Little Elly,Bellandur for the after school care... can u please tell me what their  typical day is like  in day care in afternoons for after scool hours...

(saw that ur child goes there from 4 pm to 6 pm) What all activities does she do there ?


munny 2011-05-02 16:42:22


Hi Hiradu,

we stay near by little elly in green glen layout.

can u pls share the timings and fee structure details with me so as the admission process.

I have to join my son in UKG for this year so its pretty urgent.

we are new to bangalore so feedback about anyother preschool cum day care is also really helpful.

pls consider replying.




munny 2011-05-02 16:43:44


have u joined your child in little elly? how is the school overall.

pls share your experiences.




 Former member 2011-08-16 16:55:47


little school near sobha jasmine is not so good due to the teachers. they are very harsh on kids.


lakshmij 2013-02-06 17:01:31


Hi All,

Please share ideas on Little Elly, Murugeshpalya branch which was opened new. Also please let me know the fee structure per annum. I want my 2 yr old son to be placed there as it is very near to our house. Please advice.





Manavsmum 2013-02-07 08:24:53


Hi Lakshmi,

Little elly is the best pre-school....and specially my experience is with the murgeshpalya branch...I admitted my son in PG when he was 1yr 8mnths ..... now he is 4 and half...he did his PG, Nursery at little elly....the centre head is awesome...a very dynamic lady...just go ahead...


jaya75 2014-03-22 13:13:29


Little elly vijayabank layout is one of the WORST preschools that one can come across. the centrehead has no clue about schooling/curriculum/mannerisms or anything for that matter. please do not push your child to a bad place where there is no value for learning nor value for money.

jaya75 2014-03-22 13:16:30


no just sobha jasmine little elly, all little elly preschools are bad as the franchisee is given to anyone who knows to say "L".

jaya75 2014-03-22 13:20:31


not just little elly near sobha jasmine , all little elly preschools are bad as the franchisee is given to anyone who knows to say "L".

momnson 2014-10-17 13:42:19


Can any one let me know the review for little elly Bellandur ? I am planning to put my 1.8 yr old son there ? Any feedback or suggestions for other daycare around sarjapur/bellandur would be appreciated. - Thanks


1031 2014-10-17 16:09:26


Hi Lilltle Elly BTM 2 nd stage is very good.The environment is good.the teachers and helpers keep the child happy.There are so many activities planned frequently and the kid is never bored to goto school. :). 

meghala 2015-02-09 15:42:39


Hi parents,
Please let me know which playschool is good in Vijaya bank, Bilekahalli area..
My kid is 2 years and 6 months old. Planning to put her in playschool from June.



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