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skumar115 2016-02-14 12:18:51


Hi, I am relocating to Bangalore in a month & searching for a decent CBSC schools near KR Puram area for my daughter moving to 4th standard. Requesting for your suggestions pls.

ckumar 2016-02-16 13:12:58


Do you have Chrysails high in Krpuram. Are you talking Sri Chaitanya in Kaggadaspura? Sorry I am in the same boat and want to really understand how is Sri Chaitanya. Lot of them raised that they are completely study oriented and no other activities in there.

ckumar 2016-02-16 16:17:35


Thats really great to hear a quick reply kavitha21. Also your valuable input is much appreciated. Do you have any idea about fee structure and admission procedure for Sri Chaitanya and Chrysails High. Because we are coming late, I wanted to understand if they accept applications.end of Feb or March 1st week. Also we are only there for a 2-3 days and cant really survey much. I enquired Jaigopal Garodia and they said that the admissions are already completed until 5th Standard for next academic year. By the way my daughter is 5 year old and she is already studying 1st standard in Andhra and not really sure if they will accept her for 2nd standard.

Lots of questions and concerns. By the way sorry to hijack your thread (SKumar), I believe the questions and information that I am raising would be useful. Thanks

ckumar 2016-02-17 15:01:43


That's really great. With Chrysails do they take admission in March for the next academic year 2016-17

pravso 2016-02-17 15:20:16


HI Skumar & Ckumar,
As Kavitha has already mentioned Sri Chaithanya techno, Chrysails and Vibgyor are the major ones in that area. There is another one called Narayana B techno school as well that is coming up now and i have heard some positive reviews there. There is a branch of Sri Chaithanya at B.Channasandra as well. That would be closer to you (Skumar) than the kaggadasapura branch as you mentioned that you would stay at kr puram. Sri Chaithanya has good transport, academic oriented and good coaching. Chrysails is a little higher on the fees side but has a better infrastructure and provides lot of extra curricular activities but not good transport facilities. Decide based on your priorities.:)

skumar115 2016-02-21 10:38:08


Hi Praveen & Kavita, Thanks for your inputs... Will check Chrysails as well and thinking of vising Bangalore to see these schools and take a call.





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