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ckumar 2016-02-12 15:25:06


Dear Parents
Anyone got any idea about Sri Chaitanya Techno schools. In particular Kaggadaspura branch. Basically we are from Andhra and planning to move to Bangalore. My daughter is already studying 1st standard in Andhra and keen to know more details about how the school is and their standards are about. Can someone please kindly advise me. I hear the impression about Sri Chaitanya and Narayana Techno schools are more hard work and more pressure for the kids. Is that true? Kindly give me some idea

smilenow 2017-06-12 13:08:48


its true and same as our generation went through.And belive me its all good for child is one of the school that has a good model in place.the kaggadasapura branch vice prinicipal Mrs.Vinutha is parent friendlly and always open to feedback and listens to parent problems.under her guidance/leaderhip the school has progressed well and she has brought up good teachers on board and thats all make the difference.I have my two kids going here sine four year I am pretty much happy with their academic performance.No other school near by is well established as sri chaitanya tecchno.Other schools are charging heft fees but they dont stand upto wat they charge and are way beyond the quality of education offered at sri chaitanya malleshpalya branch.


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