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Joy2 2016-02-08 16:27:11


Hi. I have been called for the interview on 16th. Could anybody guide as to how they conduct the interview?? 

Joy2 2016-02-08 16:27:39


And please do also share the fees structure ..

cheer 2016-02-19 11:50:38


Joy2, How was the interview? We also went. 

Joy2 2016-02-22 11:12:09


Interview went fine,but they informed us that only 4-5 seats are available after all the reservations (sibling,ex-student) information as of now...awaiting was yours??

cheer 2016-02-22 18:30:43


We also have not heard anything? Did they tell you by when will they get back? Also, what did they discuss, if I may ask. Our discussion was not too long. Thanks

cheer 2016-02-24 11:08:30


Joy2, Thought will inform you that we got regret letter today.


Archanapurohit 2016-09-06 12:25:16


Hi Joy2 and Cheer, 
We have been called for the admission interaction for my daughter this year.. Can you please let us know what to expect in the interaction session? What kind of questions they asked and how was the overall interaction session? We have been called on 10th.. Would be really thankful for your response.. 


17boo 2016-09-09 12:19:09


My husband has moved to Bangalore and we will be shifting to Bangalore only Next yr. I just check with Valley school they said the admissions for next yr is closed. My daughter is currendtly doing UKG. She needs admission for grade 1. Currently she is pursing in APL Global chennai, which is more into alternate education. Is there a way to submit my application to KFI advice pls. Also could any one suggest other alternate education schools in south bangalore. I have enquired with Prakriya also. 


Sani2018 2016-11-21 11:35:24


Hi archanapurohit, Can you please share about the admission process of the valley school and what kind of topics were discussed in the parent interaction session. When will the results be announced? This information will be very helpful for me.

Archanapurohit 2016-11-21 12:37:05


Hi Sani2008, 
The admission process consists of a written application (online) and an interaction. For our interaction, they did not interact at all with the child. She was only present in the room. The interaction was more with us (the parents). Our professions, educational backgrounds and largely about our thinking about education and why did we feel that the school would be a right choice. It went on for quite some time (20/25 mins). Results date I am not aware of. We haven't received any info as yet. Going by the previous years posts on this thread, it will be published in Feb / March next year. Hope this helps. 


vishru 2017-04-19 17:13:44


Coud anybody please let me know what is the current fee structure in the school??  we are relocating from Pune to Bangalore in a few months and was interested in putting my daughter to valley school... It would be very helpful if any of you could guide me.. Thanks in advance..


harsha79 2017-05-13 20:16:55


Hi Archana Purohit,
Did your child get admission into KFI?
My kid is just 2 years old and planning to enrol into Montessori playhome at KFI.
Is this the right time?
I also appreciate your guidance about the interview process + school fees (approx) every year.


Archanapurohit 2017-05-16 14:31:14


Hi Harsha, 

No, my daughter did not get through. Also, they do not have a pre-school / playhome or kindergarten section. They start taking students from class 1 onwards only. We had not enquired about the fee structure at the time of applying and hence have no knowledge of it. Hope this helps. 


harsha79 2017-05-18 15:02:58


Thanks Archana for your response. 
Appreciate your time


vishru 2017-05-20 14:38:49


Hi Archana, If you don't mind telling which school you chose for your child and why?? I would be coming to Bangalore in july and will be living in HSR layout. My daughter is 5.5 years old now and will be going to 1st std next year.

Archanapurohit 2017-05-22 11:05:09


Hi Vishru, 

My daughter has been studying in NPS Gottigere from kindergarten years and will be continuing there for class 1. We were trying for the valley school as we were interested in the school's alternative education philosophy. The present school we chose were because of three reasons primarily 1) CBSE board and not very far off from where we stay 2) they would be following the standard NPS curriculum 3) The  montessori teachers seemed well qualified and we felt very good about them when we visited and interacted prior to admission. Our experience with the school so far has been good and thus we have decided to continue there.    


vishru 2017-05-22 18:52:38


Thank you so much for the feedback Archana ˜.. After your feedback will definitely consider NPS as well..

Lavanyakolluri 2019-10-03 10:19:04


Parent interview at valley school
Valley school; I heard of this school after I completed my 10th when one of my friends brother was getting admitted there and they gave me such wonderful picture about the school that it€™s not exam based, the child would get an opportunity to explore and learn according his interests too. The teacher and the student would be like friends. Coming from a traditional school and family, this seemed like an alltogether different world to me. It was the First impression and the best impression about the school for me.
As I grew up, I started reading more and more and came across Jiddu Krishnamurthy philosophy too, and more I got to know about the valley school and the philosophy based on which it€™s run. This school has always been my first choice for any child. Hence, I always thought of sending my child too to The Valley School. My husband and I had thought of no other school, not planned for anything else for Anmol. The school environment, the place, and the image which we had about the people who ran the school enchanted us. It seemed like it was perfect for a child who is a natural explorer, ardent nature and animal lover, who can spend hours In the gardens among the plants and trees, who can talk ceaselessly to his pets and care for them and from the age of three built terrariums and had various pets like snails, ants, fishes, turtles, birds, dogs.. A child who collects twigs and build nests in the house, a child who everyday comes back from his preschool with the bag filled with dry leaves, twigs, flowers and many such artefacts which interest him immensely. A child who wandered about in the garden for hours to collect a piece of bone and brings it home to hide it in his mother€™s jewellery box and builds a story around it saying it€™s an antique dinosaur bone. A child who builds a rat trap after  watching about how to build one, roams In the garden to trap a rat to keep as his pet. A child whose imagination never ceases and can narrate stories to his mother for her to pen down and asks her to publish them. Who can just handle a turtle out of the aquarium and feed her and pet her. A child who builds an incubator for the eggs to hatch and follows the procedure everyday religiously to check and tend to the eggs in the incubator. Who considers his grandmother€™s small village, with just fifteen houses, but lots of love and affection, as his WORLD€™S FAVOURITE PLACE, who has endless curiosity and always enquiring about what€™s God, good and evil and many such things. Who is very clear about what he wants and what he does not want. And always sensitive towards others feelings.
Where else as parents would we have thought about having sent our child except for in an environment where a child would be treated as he/she is and the teachers would be inclined with the mindset of letting the child bloom as he or she is guiding them along the way and being the role models where a child would look up to them. The Valley School, with the holistic approach towards life and education system seemed to be the best fit for the child where the artistic and tender spirit of the child would thrive. 
As parents, we always gave him time and listening ear and have always accommodated to his timings and interest. It was not out of compulsion or overbearing tendency we are/were doing this, we do this because we enjoy his world which has no inhibitions or prejudices on how and what he should do, of course unless it€™s not harming others in any ways. Nor do we expect him to be something big tomorrow.  
All we expect of this child is that he becomes a sensitive human being who can take responsibility of his own life, take care of himself and if possible give back to the society and nature. Never want to force him to be something else which is not his inherent nature in the name of love. 
Coming back to the times when he was in my womb, beginning from the time I started sensing his movements in my stomach, he€™s been a nocturnal child. Up through out the night, Kicking and Tossing around through our the night. His First two years too, he did the same, never slept a wink in the night and gradually started sleeping a bit in the night with every passing year. With 3 a.m sleep time in his third year, 1.30 a.m in the 4th, and now, 5th years being 11.30 p.m. We chose a Montessori school for him where teachers were very kind and loving (home away from home) and where he learnt happily. We are ever grateful to Vedavalli Ma€™am and Aparna of Tiny stars Montessori in Jayanagar 4th block for giving Anmol such beautiful first years of preschool experience. We never would have asked for more.  We had to face many sneers and endless advice from every parent and anyone whom we came across who knew about his sleep timings that we should turn off lights or let him cry or put him to sleep early or we have been irresponsible in raising him like this. Having tried many ways and finally accepting and accommodating the child and watching that as time passes, he€™s adjusting to regular routine and as we still have 9 months before he can adjust to regular school routine, working towards it we have just learnt to smile about everyone else€™s comments and prejudices and criticism.But, it came as a blow to us when the same factors seemed to be BIG BLOCKS for us in the Inteview or first parent round with teachers in The Valley School. The first question was, what€™s his routine, and we explained about most of what I mentioned above and many more things about how he€™s been an expressive child who at the age to 2 and half while walking one day calls me and tells, Mumma, sit here let€™s watch the sunset it€™s so beautiful or who at the age of 5 is highly health conscious and know about junk food and does yoga long with me (only sometimes). Also, they asked if he was independent, we answered he is not and he is trying to become. We gave the answers as they were, not painting anything nor changing an iota of truth. But the panels focus was dragged only to his sleep timings and us following his routine rather than him following us. Later, Vinay and I (Anmol€™s parents), felt that  it became a kind of session to convince the panel about our child. Half an hour session and same questions about our routine with the child repeated twice, it ended no where and finally they advised us to also check somewhere else and that some discipline was needed for the child as we live  in a society. Being a desperate mother who never dreamt of anything else than this school for the child, when told the same thing, one of the panel members mentioned that parents like us should set up our own schools. And I thought, if it were so easy and if we had that in us, we could have definitely done it.
Half an hour session in knowing each other and we really could not comprehend what happened there. In fact, before the interview at the school, as the day was nearing I thought many times that €œIn the last few years I should have become a faculty there so that I would have had a chance to be with like minded community, spend time with children and also the people in there would have actually known us for what we are€. But again I was and am busy raising Anmol. Staying in an apartment in a city where usually it€™s a closed door system ( where each families are  In doors most of the time and or children can play in the ground but not in anyone's house ) it took sometime for parents to know us and let children come to our house to play and stay for a while.In such a society, how can we expect that In half an hour's session, completely unknown parties would get to know each other and convince each other that we are fit for each other? It€™s either extreme luck or one is a well known emminent personality whose nature is well known through the work done or extremely good at expressing the views in such short time or have amazing convincing powers, or the first impression or the judgement and opinion of the panel about us or any other factors as how they perceived us which would lead to the decision of the panel will play role in Anmol€™s future. Any way the result is not out and we being highly optimistic have kept our fingers crossed wishing our selves good luck for Anmol€™s school admission. 
We came back and explained to Anmol about what happened in the school and about the panel asking about how independent he is or about his sleep time.  
He heard everything and since then (since four days ) not sure what went on in that tiny  brain, he€™s started eating on his own and waking up early Ÿ˜Š. 
In the end, life is all about hope, aspirations, experiences and acceptance. We believe what ever happens, happens for good. Goodluck to our child Anmol. 
Note: we had been to the school few weeks before the interview for a sports day with one of my neighbour Poornima, whose daughter Pragati studies there. Anmol and us (parents) were around roaming there in the school ground and Anmol curiously exploring many things ( though not interfering or disturbing anyone) after that Anmol told "Mumma, I like the place and the school".

SmrithiAvyu 2020-09-16 22:41:26


Hi Lavanya

I can so resonate with your story .... Did Anmol get into Valley?

Aruru 2022-02-08 17:57:08


Hi All, I see some conversations related to valley school. So wanted to put my questions here so that any parents can help. My son is of age 4.4, he will join in UKG in 2022 2023 acedemic year. I am looking forward to join him in valley school from 1st class. In this regard I have few questions. Can any one help me with these? 1. Can the kids have enough competitive skills after comming out of this school. ( Even though I am very convinced with stress free Happy education at times this question bothers me) 2. Is it fully day schooler school or partial boarding and partial day school? 3. Any rough idea about the fee? Thanks & Regards Praveen Aruru

thereAndBackAgain 2022-02-22 17:06:18


my Daughter goes to valley school,  i'll try to answer your questions without getting too much into JK
1. Can the kids have enough competitive skills after coming out of this school-- The entire purpose of Schooling in any KFI School is to let children learn without "Fear", you may watch this video to get a general idea of what JK says about education children are resilient, weird and always figure out life and will make the best of what is available to them, valley school (or any other KFI school for that matter) attempts to shield the children from the usual FOMO driven education
2) its day school till 10th, 11th and 12th Boarding is available
3) this Year it was 3.3Lac which includes 1) Fees, 2) All School Learning Materials 3) Bus 4) Breakfast & Lunch
to add, all children and faculty are expected to use the bus and eat in common mess (from principal to security), children name every thing from the school bus (my daughters bus is popo-cata-petal) to dogs on campus :)

rajarajeswarim 2022-03-10 00:00:45


Thank you for the inputs.Will all the applicant be called for interview or shortlisting happens at application level? 

thereAndBackAgain 2022-03-10 08:30:39


There is a shortlist at the application level, the application will contain few questions about parenting education and what you are looking for at the school

rajarajeswarim 2022-03-10 09:02:02


thank you once again .. could you please let us know when the application will be issued ?is it somewhere in September? and when will the results will be published ?

thereAndBackAgain 2022-03-10 21:30:52


Applications Open on September  1st/2nd week, to be submitted by September End, Applications that are selected will be intimated by October , then a personal Meet/Session, results should ideally be available by December End

rajarajeswarim 2022-03-11 09:40:08


thank you so much ! 

rajarajeswarim 2022-03-11 09:46:22


dropped a message .. please check your inbox and kindly reply @thereAndBackAgain

Vivu2017 2022-08-23 23:49:02


Hello dear All, Is there any other school apart from Valley school who follow JK principles in Bangalore?

shamit 2022-09-26 01:47:05


Hello... Can you please share your experience as its my wish to enroll my son to The Valley KFI please... I know academy starts from grade 1... So how to surely get the seat... Thanks a lot for your help in advance...

thereAndBackAgain 2022-10-03 20:23:08


Center for Learning is another one


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