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Deep3 2016-01-26 16:59:02


Hi Aanchal,
              My son is of 1year 9 months now. I am really scared of his education like where to start and when to start. Please guide me when should he be admitted to a play school.  Also, please let me know the best play schools near Tin Factory where we stay now. Please give a reply ASAP.

aanchal 2016-01-27 08:42:26


Scared?? Why?? Have you seen/heard something which bothers you?
As regards the age, there is no right age to join a playschool. 2+ is for playgroup, 3+ is for nursery and so on. It depends on you when you would like to put. Some parents prefer early schooling and begin with playgroup, some prefer late and begin only by LKG. Many of the latter kind do homeschooling for early development.
As regards school, there is no 'best school'. The teacher and centre head matter the most in a playschool, the brand matters least, as the syllabus is more or less standard everywhere. So when your child goes to a school, his learning/development will depend on the facilitators of that academic year. A Marathalli branch of ABC school may be the best, but the BTM branch may be the worst. The same branch may be awesome this year, but may fall apart next year, as the attrition rate is very high in playschools.
You need to ask around as neighbourhood feedback will matter most in choosing schools. Don't go by online reviews. 


pravso 2016-02-18 18:19:29


Hello Deep3,
I stay near Tin Factory too (Udaya Nagar). Happy to see someone posting from the same area.

What is it that you are scared of with a play school.? It is just a place where kids go to play and have fun with kids their age group. It is only for kids to get used to the social environment which is going to be their actual home for a greater part of their life. Interacting with kids at age 2 helps them observe and learn from each other. Playschools teach them with alphabets, rhymes, colors, numbers and other essentials that your kid would need before joining an actual school with curriculum when he is 2.5 or 3 years old. 

Start his playschool when he turns 2. So that he has a good one year of learning and interaction with other kids before you put him into a bigger school. If you are looking for a good playschool around our area, there is a "Euro kids" in Pai Layout. There is a "smart kids" near Fathima school. Then there is "Tots at work" near MEG Layout. There is "ABACUS" near tin factory. All these are good. Euro Kids would be my suggestion. 

Search for these online. If you are new to the area and don't find exact addresses you can contact me on I can guide you with exact route and pricing details and stuff. 
Hoping to hear from you soon.




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